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  • Ez. I had to remove your image in your sig as a few people were getting malware warnings from it. Tony had to remove his too and he was going to find a replacement for the banners.
    Hey there....;) :) ;)

    Come over to Disfunktional Radio and check us out..... we have loads of DnB Djs who are regular posters on here - you may see our banner in their sig strip quite aften...... Please sign upto our forum and make yourself known in our 'introduce yourself' section to see how friendly we all are over there...... members of our forum also get access to our mixes section, where we have pages and pages of mixes from A-List Djs and our very own residents.... look forward to seeing you around- please state i sent you over when you join up and post your into


    Timetable: http://z10.invisionfree.com/DisfunktionalRadio/index.php?showtopic=1694

    please sign upto our forum for access to the mixes section and to join the Disfunktional Crew

    Oh right cheers for that mate!

    Bit of a fucking mission init!

    Can i pick all this stuff in like halfords or Do it all or something yeah?..
    Yeah read it thats cool man..

    Lol fuck that must have been a bitch to find a new circuit board! This will sound stupid i know but what do u mean by 'all in the prep and the lacquer'? lol.


    Just saw your pink custom technics.. wow :D

    Asked a fair few questions on the thread and would love some answers if you get round to looking at it even if its finished..

    Im looking to do something like this to my decks, Just looking to get painting and do the LED conversion atm but have questions about both of these on the thread..

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