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    The Free mp3 Thread

    as its back to the future day
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    sub focus tune id

    utah saints ,what can you do for me bassline smith n drumsound rmx
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    The Free mp3 Thread

    dj red giving away some beats
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    Hi there, just entered the beatport competition to remix "all i know" by matrix and futurebound and thought id post it to let you people have a listen and maybe vote if you like it. enjoy...
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    Old jungle tracks you'd like to see remixed and brought up to date

    still play hotflame out in my sets goes down a treat. intelligent woman by rap n outlaw candy would be a good shout for a refix
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    HELP! One of the best songs I have ever heard...

    nah i couldnt knock one out to that it sounds like shes singing criticism at my twist technique
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    favourite tunes on Good Looking? and im spent
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    Legal Free albums/EP's etc...? all their free stuff here
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    Ray Keith - Deeper Love (Forthcoming Dread)

    drifter did a different vesrion think i prefer this version
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    The Free mp3 Thread

    free wilkinson tune on his jookbook page
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    The Free mp3 Thread alter ego freebie for xmas
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    Justin Bieber is working on a new Dubstep album...

    best news for the dubstep scene ever more please as the further this crap music moves away from dnb the better. "end of rant"
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    Drum & Bass A question to any producers or D&B fans

    i think it mainly stems from the regular people on there have seen it sooo many times before a new producer/label/night/crew and a lot of them probably have tried doing that when they first started then failed, so hate on anyone new because they have the hunger to succeed that the people dissing...
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    Doc Scott to quit dnb next year

    for the cause is such a tune. you will be missed doc
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    Been trying to drop this tune into a mix for hours... HELP

    all about noisia deception imo goes mentally good with this