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    Site being painfully slow today?

    Still slow for you?
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    Sneaky advertising links appearing in posts

    We used to have a system for donations. Maybe we'll bring that back :)
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    Sneaky advertising links appearing in posts

    This. You're all welcome to contribute towards the costs to get rid of the ads :)
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    Dubstep Area Zero (feat MC Crystalize) - Dangerous (vocal/heavy)

    Thanks both for comments. Yes its my tune, alongside my production partner, Sekklow. Any feedback is good feedback :)
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    Dubstep Area Zero (feat MC Crystalize) - Dangerous (vocal/heavy)

    Hey all, we recently finished our first full vocal tune with Manchester's MC Crystalize. Have a listen and let us know what you think :) Cheers! :kermit:
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    DnB Red Bull Culture Clash - Major Lazer, Annie Mac, Magnetic Man - Join them on stage!

    Re: Red Bull Culture Clash: Get on Stage! Big up the Red Bull gang, this is a sick prize!
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    A idea for a new category

    Sweet :)
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    Yawn, this thread is boring, and now closed. Fes, I'll send you a PM mate.
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    How do I delete my account?

    Send me an email or a PM with your registered email address and DOB.
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    You a made man now Smarty?

    Big man ting! Well deserved! :)
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    forbidden links

    The links ending with audio.php won't work anymore as we no longer host audio. Otherwise it sounds like the links you're clicking are no longer online either, they're out of our control.
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    forbidden links

    Where are these links?
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    Looks like it might be to do with your browser not accepting cookies. I'd agree with $marty though, hit up Chrome or Firefox.
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    Feature request

    Please report threads guys, either me or the mods will take a look and (usually) take action.
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    bit slow and double posty lately

    Hmmm! I'll have another look :)