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  • hey Scotty! have to go to hospitality in september @ Warehouse project, is it still the same place as last year, same cold warehouse underneath the train station ?
    hahahahahaha Result of the season.
    miss your gay player ronnie much?
    i think so! owen? hahaha hes fucking wank.
    berbatov, hes fucking shit too
    it's all good at the moment.

    Just letting you know that I'll be playing at redrum in fallows and saki bar over the weekend if your about, could be good to have a drink etc if you fancy it (y)
    I'm hiding in my new job!
    Love it... and yes Sky Sports is constantly on on my tv... dont you worry about that!
    you good anyway mang?
    I'm good thankyou. :)
    This weekend has been a busy one! Yesterday I moved house, to bristol, which is wicked. It's such a lush city and the dnb scene is shithot!!
    Then after that I went to Hospitality and Andy C, London Elek, Cyantific, Commix and some others played which was a really good way to celebrate moving house!! :D

    How was your weekend?
    btw.......thought i would tell you your account is activated now, just that we have been havin problems with our activation email service recently so not sure if your activation would have reached you. ;)
    send it in an email mate to the demo email i gave you........ it wont be me checkin em as im mad busy at the mo with other commitments, so say i sent you over and you are interested in the Wed 10-11 slot ;)
    nah not really mate- any legnth, like i say- its not THAT important.....jsut t see that you can mix and are capable of doin a show etc etc (i know this already but the other guys dont) like i say, send an old one over if you got one you are happy with ;)
    no problem mate, you can use an old one too if you want....... not really that important if you wanna send an old one over....i know you can mix, just omethin the other guys can listen to so they know you arer capable of doin a show ;)
    just send your demo to

    state that you are interested in the 10-11pm Wednesday slot and say i (Tony) sent you over..... Rick will pick the email up and sort it quite quickly..........
    Nice one mate, will be wicked to have another DNBF member aboard......... right well what i need you to do is.........

    sign uptp our forum and post in 'introduce yourself' just so the members get to know you and stuff......... do you have a link to a recent mix we can have a listne to as a demo too?
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