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    what synths are guys like benny l / limited / traumatize / serum / bladerunner etc using

    Serum or Massive most likely. Use the built in distortions in serum, Distort with Izotope Trash 2 or Ohmicide, Guitar Rig etc
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    Top Tips to get over a writer's block?

    make sounds, drums, chuck some vox in a slicer and randomly bash at your midi till you make a good riff, do the same but with a bassline loop in a granuliser bash notes till something cool happens. read. Listen to some awful jump up, get all the encouragement you'll need (y)
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    Trying to replicate the bass on Friction's track Mad In The Jungle

    Get massive up, make two sine waves. Tune 1 -33cent and the other +33cent turn them both to formant and pull the knob down to about 7pm, play with it till you find the sweet spot (alternatively you can set them both to 0 and then attach a macro to each, making sure they oscillate exactly the...
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    Here : (y)
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    versatility break is what i know that as. (the calibre tune) we used pending drums and amens for silence along with some one shots and fills etc. Thanks for showing some love!! Big Up!
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    When do you limit your master channel?

    There are no specific 'rules' and you could come up with a decent mix, but as a general rule of thumb no. I always do limiting, compression or whatever at the end, once i get a balanced mix. I limit and compress individual sounds as i go along, but ill never limit the master and work on a...
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    When to stop with plug-ins/effects?

    Sort of self explanatory this one. I get what you're asking though. That's part of the charm to music production really. The 'limitless-ness' of everything. Flicking through presets then tweaking is one way of doing it or getting to know the synth and then crafting and forming the sounds you...
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    Bass Compression

    Do a reference, try one and try it without, you'll only really noticed at the final stages though when you are pushing for as much headroom as poss whilst still having it as loud as you can?
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    Mono Compatibility

    Incoming rant o_O: This seems to come up an awful lot. I think many producers focus on this and really unnecessarily 'clean' up their tracks which actually makes them sound really weird. You need to focus on being able to play your tracks on everything from the headphones, monitors, your car...
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    Bass Compression

    To be honest its probably better to just attach a velocity trigger to the amp of the bass and simply lower the velocity for the 'louder' note. If you compress then the louder note is going to sound weird and squashed alongside the other quieter notes. Subtly it could work, but in place of just...
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    Dnbforum production compo reviews by Sammy Dexcell!

    Cheers Logikz! Yea put me down for the next compo was really feeling the output on this one ;) I much prefer the more general direction of freedom instead of holding people back by being forced into using certain samples. Apologies to the people I have offended with my cruel 'no holds barred'...
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    Great track will 100% Support :2thumbs: Big ups to all involved!
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    Vote for the Best Track!!!!

    Ill personally promote the winner on our FB, retweet in on our SC and play it in our sets for however long? :2thumbs: Ill hit up some labels too ;) P.s I'd like an mp3 please of the finalists as well if its going?
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    Vote for the Best Track!!!!

    Is this over?? as i just checked back on here to a Logikz message. I'm in i just spent the morning having a listen to the entire lot with a notepad open. Going to submit my review to Logikz if you so happen to read it... a few things to consider ; Although i sound like one im not a complete cunt...
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    R.I.P Fes

    Smart told me about this earlier today, was truly gobsmacked! No face to face connection but plenty of internet pen palling, we used to dominate this forum at one point, big ups to everyone showing love RIP to the big man, nothing but respect! :lighter: