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    It doesn't have to be Subfocus stuff but any MP3 by a top producer in the scene that you have... then run each one seperately through a spectrum analyser and compare the graphics of the two tunes. Your tune is very flat. I often A/B my stuff with other producers that i rate to use as a bench mark. Give it a go mate.
    For a first attempt you have the right idea. Keep working at it and learning your sequencer and try experimenting with layering your sounds and with Dynamics and EQ. If you play your track through a spectrum analyser - then play a subfocus tune - you'll see what i mean. By that i dont mean compare the tune literally but look at the the sound through the analyser and tell me what you notice.
    oh lol. well ive got inno in the dam links but havent got winrar 2 unzip them and cant download it cuz rents are twats and u need a password 2 run it so if i send u the links can u unzip them 4 me plz? .... haha i just did exactly the same thing lol but deleted it haha
    lol nah it wernt really cos im from feltham and the only thing this place is famous for is the young offenders institution lol.
    yeah i got winrar
    gdgd im good thanks m8
    whats this bwt u they started this thread on here wid u in a newspaper 4 ecscapeing the cops cant rely remember much ov it cuz i was stoned when reading it lol.
    can i ask a favour from u?
    do u hv winwar?
    DNB Forum Production Competition :: EXTENDED DEADLINE
    lets just say that the number of submissions could not make for a competition, so me and Logikz have decided to extend the submission for another week.
    C'mon guys and girls, win this and you have a guaranteed career as a dnb dj, or a sunset boulevard stripper. its your choice...
    Im using full version of Logic 8 and i love it mate, not used express version myself so not to sure what missing/different etc but i would def say its a quality bit of kit!!! Are you looking to separate the audio from it as in take out the hi-hats, snares, kicks etc or you just want to cut it up and then run it through the EXS24 sampler cos doing thats a little more complex but i can try find something that shows you
    What version of logic are you using? I find the best thing to do is make the audio sample as big as possible so you can see the waveform and where you want to cut it, then if you press 'escape' a little toolbar should come up where you can select a 'scissors' tool. From there mate, you just start cutting it where you want. If you want to time stretch the sample, double click on it so a separate window comes up, then go to functions and select 'time machine' (i think thats what its called? It has 'time' in the title), from there time stretch to what you want. Im not the best at explaining things mate so if you need me to elaborate or make it clearer let me know. hope this helps!
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