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  • Yes Russla, enjoyed your set at Dusk last night, I was the wasted guy standing at the front most mof the time! Haha! Big up!

    Tried to PM you but your inbox too full booy!!

    anyway.. are you only selling your pioneers as a pair??

    I want one! or two.. but one ideally!
    sorted it.. not liking having the wireless on.. no probs now

    also you had any trouble with the keys updating when you import new tracks? doing my head in that its not giving me the key
    easy russs.. whasgwaning matey? finally got traktor!!!

    one problem.. having audio dropouts like freezing the tune for 2 seconds before continueing play again...

    any ideas? got the latency set major high and still havin the problem..

    sfeeeeee matey
    hey russ! hows it going dude? just wondered if you had a chance to have a glance at my mix? looking forward to ya feedbac bro
    ez russ. forum mixtape is in dire need of your mix. dnbshare link in the thread doesn't work anymore, so have you still got it? it also depends on whether hooka still has his, as to whether i can even stick yours on the end, but if you have it (and by any random chance) hooka's as well, can you pm them to me?
    haha cheers mate.. yeah I am aware.. just havent got round to doing anything about it yet

    any name suggestions throw them my way :P
    easy russla how you doin mate? was wondering if you could re-up 'one for the ladies'?

    playing out in a couple of weeks so thought that'd be a good starting point for getting some tunes that everyone will enjoy ;)

    also if you get time could you check out my latest mix? its here

    would appreciate your opinion!

    cheers mate peace
    yeah cheers mate. its auxillary dnb, on the 4th of march, its a thursday and im in room 2, but its a damn good start in my opinion.
    the theme for the night is dubstep vs dnb and im b2b with my mate charlie, cant wait.
    im on the same flyer as jaydan and shufunk, soooo chuffed, hopefully the start of many sets to come
    hello mate, how are you? hope you had a good christmas and new year, just thought you would be glad to know that ive managed to get my first ever club set in the volks club in brighton, well chuffed.
    il send a new mix over to you aswell when ive bought a few more tunes
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