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    Dude evening everybody

    dude evening to you too
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    Drum & Bass Andy C - New Era (RAM Recordings)

    i thought this was a joke when i first heard it, just googled it and it is actually an andy c track
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    Drum & Bass Andy C - New Era (RAM Recordings)

    what t he fuck
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    Will Sigma's Debut LP put Drum n' Bass into the spotlight?

    what you sayin about the music of east dorset? wont have no one dissing the straight bangers that wessex fm put out
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    House Vibe building mix of the house variety...

    Check this mix I gone did done... Feedback is appreciated
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    Boomtown 2015

    awesome one this year, the best they've done I Reckon. Sound levels were improved since last year, yes body shop was banging. Prohibition was banging. But onto the politics of the festival, things need to change. I have seen this festival go from 10-15k to 50k in just 4 years and i don't...
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    Watcha drinkin' today?

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    Om Unit - Torchlight vol.1 - CBR012

    spiritwerk is the one
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    So I've gone veggie...

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    Best place to upload mixes ATM?

    In this age of superfast internet and seemingly endless media storage space, is it too much to ask for a site that doesn't compress your mix? I heard youtube, soundcloud and mixcloud whatever its called all compress your mix to either 128 or 256kbps
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    Virtual Dj 8

    Controllers are shit. Apparently uncle dugs uses one now? :scally:
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    Good 3rd Wave Neuro artists

    seeing is this thread is utter shit. Gona hijack this thread and ask when or if your remix of choose one is coming out?
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    What will mobiles be like in 2025

    holograms. holograms everywhere.
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    Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - RinseFM - 3rd June 2015

    any info on that chimpo out an cheeky riddim?