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    how to... do it?

    Cool :) I already play out, but when i do its all Cheese, and yeah i'm good at cheese but its not me - i love breaks,dnb and trance right now, always have, always will so would love to get into some of that. when i play out i often do small sets of that genre but most of the crowds i play to...
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    Smile : Lily Allen (Digital Soundboy Remix)

    i'm not feeling her, or her tunes tbh. her along with sandi thom are just weird! a dnb version might be just what we need to make her get a few ticks in the right boxes.
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    how to... do it?

    So when i first signed up to DnBForum i didn't know what beatmatching with, i couldn't even dream of double dropping and scratching, something you do when your balls tingle. Now, i've played sets at Liquid nightclubs and was a resident there for a few months (til i was kicked out of uni) and...
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    what happenin wi nye 2006

    i've never had a NYE kiss. whatabout everyone else? and i always fuckin spend the nite sober (n)
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    what happenin wi nye 2006

    I really need to sort it out so i can get a NYE off but i get paid bare dollar to spin a few tunes at parties... all $$!!
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    Andy C Accelerated Cuture 2003

    :shit_happ bandwidth limit exceeded :(
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    Vinyl or CD Decks?

    Depending on the cash flow, do what you can do. i've got about £4k worth of cds, all legal, but i hardly use most of them, cos its all the same tunes that people want at most of the events. Whenever i play in a club it always ends up being just the top and latest club tunes! But if you got...
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    Snowboming, Austria '06

    austria's pistes are supposed to be sick, lots of snow, france is fuckin empty! i'm headin to canada hopefully
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    cK - Xmas '05 DNB Mix!

    rmt was first to get the mix, rmt was first to love teh ck beatz...... another tite mix.
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    Black Sun Empire

    demn they're good... i have a tune called corrupt souls skullfucked or something, but its low quality ! where can i get hold of an album / good quality recordings?
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    What to do if you've played a crap gig - frustration

    For me every hole's a goal... nah, i've had some shit events - but the thing is, they're usually down to the shit crowd! because i've got everyone going before, and its not my fault that they want to scowl and not rave..... new years eve, i had an awesome evening, once we got to midnight the...
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    My Music, Your Music --- Which sentance is correct?

    nah he is, i forgave him for that within 20mins. i'm angry with him because of something he said about my female best friend..but thats nothing to do with dnb. and anyway, we're still best mates :D
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    My Music, Your Music --- Which sentance is correct?

    that isn't what im sayin. what i'm saying is that everybody is entitlted to a opinion - but everybody's opinion is correct, there is no 'shit' music, just music that you don't like, so its not to your taste!