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    Norwax - Drum & Bass Session May 2015

    Can't see a DL link - is there a download available?
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    What is your collections worth? (Discogs)

    Collection Value Range Minimum: £958.08 Median: £1,710.99 Maximum: £2,928.75 Apparently there's not a big second hand market for Simon & Garfunkel or Abba.
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    Drum & Bass Mistanoize Presents Amendment Live LTD #13 ---- Fallen Gemini In The Mix

    Haven't listened to any of the Amendment series since about 003 - going to get back on the case with this one though. (Y)
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    RAM @ Brixton

    If anyone's got a spare ticket hit me up
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    RAM @ Brixton Academy, 01/11/13

    If anyone's got a spare ticket gimme a shout..
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    Drum & Bass Inspirational DJ's

    Same actually. Still listen to some of the sets he posted up in that archive thread of his. And now he's dropped off the map :shrug:
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    Flimsy B-Sides

    Back to OP though, yes I do know what you mean, ive had that on 1 record before....left a stack of vinyl on it which didn't fix I don't play the B side...
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    Flimsy B-Sides

    I use a fat drill bit (not in the drill..) that's slightly smaller than the hole. Easy to shave a bit off if needed..
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    Mistanoize Presents - Amendment Live LTD #001 - DJ NUERA IN THE MIX!

    :rofl: Looks wicked, will definitely have some of this!!
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    Drum & Bass Elevate the sound - Part 2

    TL looks sweet buddy, will definitely give this a whirl.
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    Which format should I record a DJ mix in?

    You can't upgrade the quality by recording as WAV. If its an MP3 you're recording, then exporting as WAV, there will be no difference in audio quality, just file size. You wouldn't notice the difference in quality anyway so record as 320 :)
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    DJ Akro - Audio Juice [Multiple Deck Mashup]

    Top man, thanks
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    poor dj kid... (image)

    It sounds more like a Spotify/Mixlr hybrid type thing, but;