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    Netsky Essential Mix 9/10/2010

    Danny was better but Massive tune selection :miss_rep: thanks for the link!
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    J-Majik & WickaMan – Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix)

    :banana: They are just turning out the best tunes for me at the moment everything they produce or coloborate is amazing LOVING THEIR SOUND!
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    Shockone - Live @ Triple J - 2008/06/21

    :tehpepsi: Just what the doctor ordered thanks!!!!! shock one is quality!
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    Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

    :missile: BIG TUNE also the j majik n wickaman tune is huge these dude are total class bbk should be pushing them harder
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    wicked nice to see all my work is appreciated .......... I will try if i got the time mate...

    wicked nice to see all my work is appreciated .......... I will try if i got the time mate some background are you a label mc dj breakcru? etc just to get the ball rolling anything in particular b+w or color and such...hit me up
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    Top 3 forthcomming tunes

    1 phesta n shock one cyclones (massive tune) 2 brookes brothers she tears you down 3 feelings remix by nu:tone (i know its been played but i want to get my hand on it) oh and does anyone have audio on the brookes brothers- tune flexin muscle...possibly out on dub pm me if you have any clips .
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    Blu Mar Ten & BCee - Atmosphere Show @ Ministry Of Sound Radio - 2008/04/07

    :gaywhite: nice one had to grab this solely on the tune by brookes brothers n danny byrd thanks !!!!!!!!!!
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    Fusion 8/2/08 on 3 Decks

    been replaying this all weekend the tune by nero oh my gosh thank you for that wicked set! respect:rslayer:
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    Global Gathering 2007

    quick question about bitlord.... is there more people available to download torrents vs file sharing programs......i use ares and there not much dnb :shake:
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    Fusion 8/2/08 on 3 Decks

    BANGING nice set !