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    will this be an end end of an era? :($blog/2009/11/27/industry_news_panasonic_ends_production_of_technics_1200__1210_turntables?source=ActivityLog&_c=1
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    Dnbforum predicts the lottery!

    8 12 20 27 32 36
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    Virgin Internet problems today?

    aha mines been fine, except facebook being a cunt and not recieving my speed upgrade. wow first post on here in ages.
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    GCSE Results

    i stayed out of weed, but everyone still did better :/ meh, at least i squeezed into sixth.
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    Red Bull Cola by Design Friendship

    red bull cola is just overpriced flat coke.
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    Louis Theroux - The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

    was quite fucked up, especially with the man who was in love with his sister :\ but crystal meth just makes me think of this.
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    how to waste 4 grand.

    drum & bass is drum and bass at the end of the day, even if it is shit. i just thought this was a half decent tune, which deserved a video that made sense with the tune lol.
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    how to waste 4 grand.

    how much do you think the sample cost to clear though?
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    2 people...

    surprised no one remembered this tune from back in 2001, was a classic!
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    Soulja Boy's new chain ("Rich nigga shit!" This boy needs help)

    loool, i've got one of them xmod cars, there shit.
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    how to waste 4 grand.
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    Anyone want their Dubstep tunes played out?

    Reference - Violations _Instrumental_.mp3 - 8.37MB
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    2 people...

    ...just meeting
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    using monitor speakers with laptops

    are your monitors passive then?
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    Whats biggest fear/silliest things your scared of!!!

    just death, and looking over like balconys and card parks etc stuff for me. but i suppose it's stuff everyones like that to some extent?