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    Hi fellow music lovers :)

    Welcome new member! And yeah epic dude, it's even more cool he's killing it in Renoise and is doing videos about it. Would love to go for a steak tonight man but the Rev is playing Melkweg tonight! You coming? And yes, get the gal in! Sing songs to the beat. It's going to be loudd.
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    Drum & Bass Bizzy B Tutorial on how to produce music youtube Channel

    Very stoked to see you on the forum here Bizzy, and even more stoked to see you going at it in Renoise. I reposted it on the Renoise forum if that's cool! @logikz man that was I think 11 or 12 years ago, and the funny thing was... I was not there. Ali surely was and smoked some coke by...
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    New sampler: Redux (from Renoise makers)

    As an avid Renoise user, some of you might would like to check out the new sampler from the same makers which has been released now. I believe it could kick Shortcircuit's ass (finally) and has impossible modulation features:
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    GoodLookin' Signed tracks - what next? should suffice mate and god you talk a lot of balls :teeth:
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    303 Compo Finals! Reviews!

    Congrats Tewky! But you lost the source? Ok, that's pretty shit....
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    303 Compo Finals! Reviews!

    How about some glasses so they can read the rules next time? :teeth: Just joking. Good work Lizardro, I guess big congratulations to G then!
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    Had to post this as a Renoise user of course and I'm sure some of you will like it; The Renoise sampler as a VST sampler in your DAW!
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    The 303 Compo Thread

    Yeah count me in!
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    Who mixes lossless music?

    So that takes you a minute but it takes you a full 5 pages to hijack this thread? By all means, it was emotionally overwhelming. I´ll watch sunset at the meadow tonight.
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    Who mixes lossless music?

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    Who mixes lossless music?

    Don't get me wrong, I can't tell the difference between 320 and WAV often too, but it really depend on what kind of audio hardware you do these ABX tests. On high end audio equipment I found that ABX testing can sometimes be predicted more accurately than on some regilar hifi speakers or cheaper...
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    Who mixes lossless music?

    I'll prolly still bogle to a big DJ set spinning 128k tunes as well at times, there are many factors to consider here; quality of the soundsystem, how good or utter shite the tunes were produced... ;) Anyway, if you do go lossless with your own music, at least you know its secured for the...
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    303 compo?

    I really wish I could enter, but have no time for doing something like this until at least April I'm afraid. Good luck anyone and I'll be following the progress, sounds like a sweet compo!
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    Who mixes lossless music?

    I did mate :)