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    Whats up bishes!

    Yes Carlito...
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    Googles Deep Dream

    what if you run it like seven times \ in the ass
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    Googles Deep Dream

    That is so rampagingly nerdass it brings a tear to my eye.
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    OG Swaggerdick Appreciation Thread

    I concur. Hell, I even gave my WhatsApp a status now thanks to this man. Without a doubt the most inspiring musical artist of this year's summer, and I'm sure Carlos will agree. He became kind of obsessed with him actually.
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    Googles Deep Dream

    Is it me or does he look like Iggy Pop here?
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    Happy birthday Moskit!!!

    Wasn't his birthday 2 weeks ago?
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    Googles Deep Dream

    Imagine watching the whole flick like that whilst tripping
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    Brownies & Downies

    bek houwe ouwe Or I'll call Piss Dave...
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    Brownies & Downies

    Alle tieners zeggen ja tegen MDMA...
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    Hi fellow music lovers :)

    Welcome new member! And yeah epic dude, it's even more cool he's killing it in Renoise and is doing videos about it. Would love to go for a steak tonight man but the Rev is playing Melkweg tonight! You coming? And yes, get the gal in! Sing songs to the beat. It's going to be loudd.
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    Drum & Bass Bizzy B Tutorial on how to produce music youtube Channel

    Very stoked to see you on the forum here Bizzy, and even more stoked to see you going at it in Renoise. I reposted it on the Renoise forum if that's cool! @logikz man that was I think 11 or 12 years ago, and the funny thing was... I was not there. Ali surely was and smoked some coke by...
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    hangover cures..

    1. Peppermint oil pill 2. Take a dump 3. Have a schnitzel Trust
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    happy birthday natty
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    Oh how the mighty has fallen...

    And that Karl, should be the prologue to your novel.
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    KIng of king, lord of lords, have a good one matey!