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    Interviews w/ Mampi Swift, Aphrodite, John B, DJ Rap, IC3, Fearless, Navigator and Many More!

    Nice interviews. Really appreciate how the interviewer actually lets the interviewee talk and answer the question sans any interjections or interruptions. Wish more would do that.
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    Forthcoming Symmetry Releases

    Man tell me about it. He got repetitive and seemingly complacent just like a lot of his peers.
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    Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)

    Damn. Don't even want to listen to it. Still Grey is the tune that has been on constant repeat ever since I heard it on the Hold Your Colour album.
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    Count me in!!
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    Hi, I'm Adrian. Don't listen to a lot of dnb these days but there is still stuff I like in the scene. Just checking this space out.