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  • Hi mate, thought I would message you as I know your local to me. Your Blacon arent you mate? And went to The Port college to study music?
    I live in little Sutton and am originally from Upton.
    I've been listening to your stuff for a few years now and its top notch.
    I've been into my DnB since the start. Was into rave b4 the rave scene split into Jungle n Hardcore. Northgate Arena Eternal Dance 1992 was my first Rave then the Prodigy at the Northy so am defo an OJ!
    Ive been collecting music ever since and have over 1000 full 8 packs of tapes /cds right back to 1989 to present. If you ever want any sets / packs from any rave / dj / mc then just let us know and will happily sort you out.
    im on FB if your on it? Ross Hogarth give me an add!
    Keep up the good work on your music man its quality!
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