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    DNBForum & Friends Sample Pack Competition!! (29/12/2017 - 02/03/2018)

    I had some time over the holidays and thought to have a go on your mums just for the pleasure of doing it. Really hate the sample pack, some awful pieces, and reminded me of the old days when we had blacks doing things for us & fucking it up. I think it's very good you're doing these...
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    Drum & Bass can i have some criticism over here

    You're a cunt. With a shit haircut & you reek of piss. Even your nan hates you & secretly wishes you were dead. When you turn up at parties, everyone slowly fucks off to other rooms cus they can't stand you & your highly punchable face. You also fuck kids & once wanked a cat off with your bum.
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    Garon potential comeback

    I was talking to Garon at Centraal the other week, following a very heavy introvenous dose of golden sun. And basically. I sucked him off for a spoonfull of:
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    Simon Bassline Smith - Palomino / Sty-le [Remastered] Absolute 2

    Lets be honest here Simon, Nookie did Palomino innit, be honest... We won't tell anyone. :lol:
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    Break - We Are The People / Midnite Classic

    Gorgeous stuff, nectar of the gods.
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    Bad Company - Tetris

    God forbid a member of the group making their own thread & having the sheer audacity to not check for duplicate threads eh? You gigantic pulsating dog chode.
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    New Sound

    Oh I see lol. Must be a right cunt.
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    New Sound

    So is this jewish d&b then? I don't understand.
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    The Order

    Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Suck your mum, you hoofwanking...
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    SOS! Which liquid dnb tune uses these chords ??

    Nobody listens to gay liquid mate, better off trying DOA or one of those gay places that caters for gays.
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    The Order

    Sounds gay.
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    what happened to bcuk return?

    Fresh's Thyroid.
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    Drum And Bass HQ Podcast #157 - Polymer Guest Mix

    Shit the bed I would rather stick a screwdriver down my japs than listen to that horseshit.