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  • hey come on man whered you go i thought you and me was gonna sing hall and oates songs together, modern talking, bryan adams. we can be drunk on milk carton toilet wine and make shanks from toothbrushes, wear grey tracksuits. you wanna violate mans.
    dave,hey ok i was just joking with all that piss drinking talk of course you never did anything of a sort ok i was just exaggerating a little, thing is, its just, only, well you see they call you that name and who am i to just up and change things you know, im just a guy ok hey maybe we could share a mueli bar and then smoke crack until you pass out and i shit vomit and blood behind a park bench? its pretty lonely out there dave need all the help we can get
    dave! is that you? isnt it your birthday soon btw you wanna get unconscious under a bridge together? later we can rape in the old burnt out tractor wreck
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