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    Yishi : Procession Out Now on Eastern Promise Audio!

    EASTERN PROMISE AUDIO PRESENTS YISHI: TRILOGY OF MYSTERY YISHI : Procession The thirteenth release of Eastern Promise Audio is much too comprehensive to be associated with its unlucky catalogue number, a confidence which is further accelerated by releasing it on Friday the 13th (really)...
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    EPA10: Turbulence EP ft. Double O and Phuture-T

    EASTERN PROMISE AUDIO CELEBRATES ITS TENTH RELEASE RAW, DARK, AND DUBWISE EPA10 - Turbulence EP In this early summer of 2014 Eastern Promise Audio celebrates, as their 10th release is a fact. A challenge for the label to come up with a release noteworthy of its number and by staying...
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    Label EPA007: Dam Nation 'Double Agent EP' out now on Eastern Promise Audio

    DAM NATION ON A SPY TIP - THE ‘DOUBLE AGENT EP’ ON EASTERN PROMISE AUDIO Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present the latest Dam Nation EP which is nothing short of a little work of art. After meticulous studying and especially listening to the feel and sound of old spy movies and plays...
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    FREE DOWNLOAD: Dam Nation - Deeper Heights EP [Eastern Promise Audio]

    NEW RELEASE EASTERN PROMISE AUDIO FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS After the massive success of EPA’s last Rumbleton EP, the holidays are here and Eastern Promise Audio decided to do something special for the fans; the new and first Dam Nation EP entitled Deeper Heights will be available for free…...
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    Label Rumbleton - Lion Structure EP, out now! Easterb Promise Audio

    EASTERN PROMISE AUDIO BRINGS LION STRUCTURE EP. RUMBLETON TWICE, REINTERPRETED TWICE Eastern Promise Audio’s second EP and 6th release is all centered on Toronto-based producer Rumbleton, who after several outstanding releases has been hailed under the label’s flag. This time the...
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    Label EPA04: Infest 'Angoona' Eastern Promise Audio, out now!

    Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present its fourth release featuring the sounds of upcoming and superb Dutch producer Infest, who has proven himself already for some time to be a new main force in the drum ‘n bass scene. For EPA however, he has created two very atmospheric and subliminal works...
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    Phuture-T / Reactor Studios Radio Archive /

    Reactor Studios Radio DJ MIXES ARCHIVE new mixes added :o Reactor Studios Radio, recorded live on, 02-10-2009 Phuture-T in the mix, a 3 hour session splitted up for you in three parts :) 1st hour 01 Morphy - Warren Dub // Nerve 02 Ill Bill & Dubmaster Tom -...
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    Phuture-T Mix // Reactor Studios Radio sept 2009

    Phuture-T live in session on 01 PLK - Ivory // Break-Fast Audio 02 Fracture & Neptune - Boggalou // 13 Music 03 Klute - Workout // Certificate 18 04 Acid Lab - Cosmos // Darkland 05 IJO - Minutaur // Digibeat (Dub) 06 Aspect & Gremlinz - The Gavel // Soothsayer (Dub) 07...
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    Dam Nation - The Anthem (as trilogy)

    respects to the Kama & Thin King, nice one :)
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    Phuture-T - When Evening Falls in the Dam, recorded live @ Oct2008

    Re: Phuture-T - When Evening Falls in the Dam, recorded live @ Oct200 BUMPAGE !
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    Dam Nation - The Anthem (as trilogy)

    Cheers Fratanize, glad u enjoyed the trilogy!
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    Phuture-T - When Evening Falls in the Dam, recorded live @ Oct2008

    Ez all, here on of my latest mixes recorded live in session on Downloadable at the Reactor Studios Amsterdam Website > Linkage: and the tracklist: 01 Mystical Influence - Dubplate Pressure...
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    Reactor Studios Amsterdam Radio - mixed by Phuture-T

    BUMPAGE! anyone had listen yet?