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  • easy mate, like the look of your tracklistin on the mix you just posted...... come over and sign upto our forums at Disfunktional too ;)
    I fell in love with dance music in the 80s i can still remember hearing my very first street sounds electro track Hashim "Al Naafiysh (The Soul)"
    from that point on i was hooked,i started collecting records in the early 90s.i have got a large collection spanning decades from electro / hiphop,triphop,all types of house music, italian/acid/tribal/minimal house,early piano house& oldskool rave/happy hardcore/lots of dnb new&old.
    ,i was lucky enough to witness the birth of the rave scene,
    I got my first set of 1210s in 1992 & still use the same decks today,from that moment on i practiced like mad until taught myself how to beatmix & scratch,i soon found myself playing @ local underground illegal house parties all over derby thing led to another and i started to get warm up slots in night clubs and bars in derby such has The Lo Club,,Wherehouse,,Havana club,,saddlers bar,,Future club,,101 bar,,just to name a few.
    I Then started to play on pirate radio ,
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