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    Nice epic little roller ya got here, music with emotion :o) that synthy/string is alittle over powering at times but also gives it suspense and depth i like your vision, nice production. Thanks
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    Heavyish Nerufunk Track

    Im defo feelin this, nice twisted bass Maybe abit more high end sheeny percussion in the background of beats speshly on the drop as when it comes in its lacking enough change to say hello im here almost, but some good work done :o) Thanks
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    Pen - Probe

    really nice sub bass on this number, snare is alittle flat know its from an old break probly but theres a ways n means still. transitions and variation very nice and sound fx are wicked ;o) Thanks
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    Pandemik™ - Soul Society

    Hey General Forum Peeps Im Pandemik Just got back into producing again really so call it a warm up track getting the hang of things again. Will be working abit more on the next piece Thoughts and feelings? :o) Peace!!! Fairly Simple Roller ...
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    Tensor - Protokon, just finished a new techy track any feedback would be awesome!

    very slick sounding like the gritty stab bass sound and levels are good drums stand clear too nice little edit im feelin this defo :o) will look out for your tracks in the future ;o)
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    one word euphoric nuff said ;o)
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    ridiculously good! does sound like a bass monster is chewing on that bassline n this one gets stuck between your teeth, i like it alot BIGNESS!
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    Feedback would be nice

    yeah bro the intro on my new bit 'dragon army' has a similar style fx hit intro lol yeah i use massive quite abit, im trying to come away but always find myself going back lol can do some intresting things with harmour tho, aint got a scooby how to use it really. i use cubase 5 n rewire with...
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    Madknob - If You

    Drums need to come up in the mix and sub down as it dominates atm, rides need ta come down too in comparison to the hat. the track sounds like an acid trip. vocal work doesnt go btw. keep it up bro n hit me up if you need any help or advice anytime ;o)
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    Feedback would be nice

    i like this alot its how i say 'music with emotion' :o) i like that alot, the bass is particularly good, and u like myself like some nice tailed off verby fx hits (very spor'esq) :o) if i had to make a comment it would be that it sounds like the whole track has reverb on it or something either...
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    Some Neurofunk

    yeah drums are suffering here and the bass floods the track, like the filter work on the bass the its nice likin the highs on it will keep an eye out for your work in future tho bass is gritty ;o) all about the levels tho man. not sure what daw your using but wudnt mind doing a lil collabo bit...
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    Kroppah - Metamorphosis VIP

    Nice little tekky roller ryt here ;o) holding up the flag for hull with on this one will keep my eye out for your bits in future ;o)
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    [Tune]End Game-Phobic

    good vibe!!! ;o) nice transitions i like :o) all sounds alittle over compressed or something if i had to make any bad comment but like the percussion work on this and the vocal does make it, look forward to more
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    My first release!

    yeah know what u mean defo ed solo n deekline on that funky trumpets fing, not a bad little vibe on this, theres a hint of aphrodite in that b-line too ;o) nice n jazzy good stuff keep up the good work bro
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    If I Could (Neuro)

    Yes fellow essex dnb nut ;o) good track nice transitions and that bass line is solid not sure what vst ya using to achieve that but it sounds slick ;O)