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    ID help for two remixes/bootlegs from René LaVice's BBC show please? I tweeted Rene but he didnt reply yet, he has replied to me in the past but that was a couple years ago when he was based in Canada still. He's busy, no feelings about it, I just love these tunes and want to get them. The original Tunes are below but...
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    39 minutes into Raggs w/ Alley Cat - Subtle FM 03/02/19

    Thank you if you can help, or tried. :)
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    DJ Fresh & Adam F - Believer

    Yup, BPM is not quite current but the tune is good IMO for what it is.
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    Spor - Essential Mix 14-03-15

    Dope, love the LP. Will check this out.
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    SPY BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 10/01/15

    Link in the first post works for me.
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    Netsky - Love Life

    Heard this in an elevator the other day. But really, on '2' I liked a few songs: Jet Lag Funk No Beggining few others were nice dancefloor liquid tunes, but overall weak for an LP.
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    DnB jump up DnB

    Danny Byrd pumps some out. Fun DJ to see live also. Goes hard.
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    Chase & Status - Count On Me (Ft. Moko) Culture Shock Remix
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    Will DnB ever be big in the USA?

    I was just in London, and sure there are lots of events but its not like dnb is pop. Its still niche there. Im from Vancouver BC. Been into dnb since mid 90s. Scene swelled to having 2-3 weeklies, and 2-3 UK head liners a month. It died when dub step blew up. But the past 2-3 years dnb has...
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    Chase & Status - Gangsta Boogie VIP

    you could chop it from here
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    Total Science - FABRICLIVE x Ram x C.I.A. Mix

    The download link doesnt work. Tried in Opera and Chrome.
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    Nero, Andy C Live (Hackney Weekend 2012) - Essential Mix - BBC Radio1 - 2012/07/07

    Re: Nero, Andy C Live (Hackney Weekend 2012) - Essential Mix - BBC Radio1 - 2012/07/0 It seems that version has bass cut out of it. The full show version is the best one, as poor as it is. Live sets, what can ya do.