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    Drumstep Norbe - Immortal

    Hellow peeps! My first drumstep track. I'm still newbie at making music :'( Please leave your feedback! :) Thanks!
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    Drum & Bass Norbe - NZ

    Hi everyone this beautiful monday morning.. haha kidding. Monday suxs :c So..I made a new track I had uploaded few tracks before, and I received some feedback about how I lack the skills like structure and etc... So I'm curious now, did I improved a bit or did I went even worse haha ;D Please...
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    KRONIX - Medusa

    That second drop <3 I love the bass, especially in the car, it shakes the rear mirrors :P But for me it's a bit too empty. But I love it tho.
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    Drum & Bass Norbe - Motion Of Sound

    Thanks for your feedback! I hope it wasn't pain in the ears to listen it haha :D Yeah..I should read up more about it. Thanks :P
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    Drum & Bass Norbe - Motion Of Sound

    Hello guys. I'm beginner of music production and I would like to share my latest track with you guys. An feedback would be really appreciated :P I don't mind to hear negative feedback aswell aslong it's not a trolling :) So...What are your opinion on this?
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    Drum & Bass One of my latest tracks :)

    Thanks for the feedback :) I'll try to use more notes on my next tracks, I'm learning fast but the only problem I have is lack of ideas... :(
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    First DNB Track EVER!!1!1!11!

    Wow, as your first track, really impressive. I love the bass you got there! :) Looking forward to your future tracks :)
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    Drum & Bass One of my latest tracks :)

    Hello everyone ! :) So, I had a bad day yesterday and it lead me to making an another track. It is a dark-ish DnB. I'm still beginner at the music scene, but I'm trying to improve everyday :P any feedback would be appreciated... Thanks! :D -Norbe