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  • since about '05 ive spent about $12k CDN

    i have really expensive speakers//amp.. as well as a shit load of wax.
    ive also gone through 4 mixers lol

    its a dirty habit
    nice one bruv

    ive added 3 cdj's since then :) money well spent, thats for sure

    big up
    The grey deck sold today Im afraid mate, may do another one in the future so i'll let you know.
    Here's the item number for my customised deck but judging by your new forum thread I guess your probably not interested!
    Yeah you can get everything from halfords, if you want a custom colour you might have to go to a proper paint shop to get it mixed which is what I had to do for the pink decks.
    I didn't draw the pic or anything. I asked my mate who does graphics at college to do something simple, with my name, something to do with drum & bass, and orange (so it fits with my myspace page lol)

    I think he just got different pictures from the internet and did a bit of photoshop on it (I don't have a clue how to use it) Better to ask someone who knows about graphics and art and that.

    Hope that helps a little bit mate
    you need to make sure you rub the deck down really well with wet and dry paper to get it smooth and get rid of the original coating. Get rid of any dust or loose dirt then spray it with primer which gives a base for the paint to take to. You then do a few coats of paint, you can use wet and dry paper again to flat out any 'orange peel' effect- Be careful here though, make sure you use a fine grit- about 1500 otherwise it'll scratch or go through the paint. Then laquer it with a clear aerosol lacquer, I used quite a few coats to stop the paint chipping easily. Once thats dry just polish up to a shine with a soft cloth and car polish. Its a bit of a ball ache but worth the effort if you want a good finish
    I've just replied on the forum about modding them pink decks. Its not difficult as long as you're careful. You have to completely strip the deck down to paint it which is a bit of a headache but if your gonna do the led mod it doesn't make much differnce. You gotta be careful doing the stylus light, I shorted out the two bulb wires on a 1210 ages ago and recked it, had to get a new main circuit board! You can get the led kits off ebay which come with step by step instructions. As for the painting I used aerosols, the finish is all in the prep and the lacquer.
    If you got any questions when you do you're pair just drop me a line
    Nice one
    hi. G´cool mixset.
    I know the epic lp are really hard to mix ;) !
    But its ok. Virtual Dj style. i think the epic lp is not perfect to mix it complete... with other Tracks from other artists is it much better ;)
    But very big thanks for the mix =)
    cheers mate, i think im gonna record a fresh one soon. ill send you a heads up.

    big up
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