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  • Ez Muzza,
    Just done a new mix if you fancy it? let me know what you think!

    Original Sin - Overfiend
    >>> Bad Company - True Romance
    Cause 4 Concern - Crash Test
    Serial Killaz - Get The Fuck Back
    Original Sin - 8 Figure Bass
    Taxman & Heist - Demolition Man
    Taxman - Evasion Rmx
    Butcher & Hoax - Silent Strike
    James Bass - Villians
    Modified Motion - Charges
    Chowder - Spiderman
    >>> Mampi Swift - One Finger
    Taxman - Unreal
    Mampi Swift - Guess Whos Back
    Taxman & Original Sin - Seen
    Nu Balance - 175 Vol 1 (Crystal Clear Remix)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Can You Feel It
    Distorted Minds - Ho Bass
    DJ Sly - Manga Style
    Heist - Barny Rubble
    Jakes - Warface (Distorted Minds Remix)
    >>> Andy C & Shimon - Bodyrock

    It cut out here and there. I couldn't stay for all of it as I had to leave the house for a bit to take care of things, but it lost connection a few times while I listened..must have been server trouble with the site? pz bro
    ok mate will download when im home.. and probably do a better mix for my part.. bigup mate
    heres my tracklist-Die & Ben Westbeach-get close
    >>>>> Tc & distorrted minds-Compton
    Sigma-El Presidente vip
    Clipz & die-work it out ft jenna g
    Soundclash-Bang Bang
    Bungle-Where I am
    High Contrast- If I could
    Modifed Motion-Wats that Mean

    dj lob-killa klash - serial killaz
    outerspace - m.i.s.t
    back like that - neyo ( marky n bungle mix )
    slipstream - friction & nu balance ( logistics mix )
    rotation - marky & xrs
    donkey punch - twisted individual
    hustlin - calibre
    no time for love - marky & bungle
    it's a jazz thing - roni size & die ( utah jazz mix )
    just wanna be - carlito & addiction
    kool mate well my one is sorted now! dunno how lob is getting on il have to message him! wat order we doing it in?? me u lob?? coz i got a nice lil intro. il send u mine 2nite wen i get bak from work!
    lol change of plan! iv gone all softy fairy liquid! so your gunna have to add sum filthy shit!
    get closer
    el presidente
    work it out
    bang bang
    bungle-where i am
    high contrast- if i could
    modified motion-wats that mean?
    my tracklist is

    Get closer(die rmx)
    tc & distorted minds(compton) TEASE
    Sigma-el presidente vip
    Die & clipz-work it out ft jenna g
    Soundclash-bang bang
    Modified Motion-all that
    Bassface Sasha-international sound TEASE
    The force-The story
    Steppa & Kitcha-In complete Darkness

    i will drop a nice soft jump up tune at the end if u want unless u wanna mix into in complete darkness?? safe blud!
    yer man will do we need to make sure we dont all play the same tunes though! lol i have bout 500 jump up tunes n bout 20 liquid tunes haha
    yer same mang wat bout tracklisting though we cant have all the same tunes init i was thinking of starting first wiv that get closer tune?? its up to u mang
    alright man thats cool.. will get on it tonight probs, 20mins yeah? If you send me the mixes or just upload them i can chuck em all together on wavepad if you like?.. Do you wanna end you set on a tune im gunna start on and rewind so its not a sudden change of different tunes or something?.. Gotta be done proper man!! we probs gunna get pantsed in this comp but its an excuse to bang out a mix i guess!!! Bigup hektikz!!!
    haha yer mate same jus wanna roll the filthy bizzle! i do have 2 of them tunes though il ask chloe if they can add a few jump up tunes in the list!
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