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    Best produced album?

    Noisia Split The Atom obviously
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    Pick 5 DJ's

    Calibre b2b Marcus Intalex w/ DRS Nu:Tone Rae & Christian Above & Beyond
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    Krakota - Strange System LP - Hospital (29th July)

    Absolutely cracking LP. Really liking Samphire, Half Life, Elastic and Wierdos & Creepers No filler on this album at all
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    Technimatic - Better Perspective LP (July 15th)

    Introduction Better Perspective feat. Jinadu Parallel feat. Zara Kershaw Clockwise Out Of Reach feat. Lucy Kitchen Antihero Foreshadow (Interlude) Problems feat. Maiday Leave It Unsaid We Look For Patterns The Stage (Interlude) Trigger Warning Cold Shoulder Hold On A While feat. Jono McCleery It...
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    Forthcoming Ram Records

    Cool. 14 identical "songs" of screechy noise and film samples...
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    V/A - CIA 20 Album (Break, Calibre, Spirit, etc)

    Exactly how I wanted this collab to sound (y)
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    Icicle - Differentia EP - Shogun Audio (3rd June)

    I remember being so hyped on Under The Ice leading up to its release. Quality LP
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    Fred V & Grafix - Oxygen LP - Hospital (24th June)

    Sounds dope. Will rinse when sunny
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    DJ Fresh

    Big up Fresh and get well soon Escape To Planet Monday was one of albums that got me into this music in the first place
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    Spor - Black Eyed EP (Sotto Voce) Out May 13th

    Know You is wicked. Overall, a great EP
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    Forthcoming Critical/Modulations Releases

    Yep. Infrasound is boss
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    Hugh Hardie - City Soul EP (Hospital) Out June 10th

    Don't even need to listen to this before buying. Wide Eyes and Colourful Language are two of my favourite tunes in recent years. So much soul
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    Forthcoming Ram Records

    This. Just release 1 or 2 to set the scene and then give us the LP FFS
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    Forthcoming Ram Records

    I'm a huge fan of Anjunabeats. That combination of Andrew Bayer and Calyx & TeeBee... splurge