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  • Fun set on Friday night bro! Its a shame there weren't a few more people there, but Spectrasoul was also playing that night so there was a bit of competition! Hope you had fun in Perth, let us know when you're back again :zest:
    alright man
    i did post in a topic about getting decks serviced, just wondering how much you charge for total service of the pitch getting it back to it's true 0% and former glory.
    also do you convert the phonos so they connect externally ie replacable?
    yeah man im still kickin.. been away from here for a while too, school took up most of my time.

    send me some download links to some of ur new mixes, i havent heard any for quite a while man. hope all is well bro
    wicked mate.. if you could hold out untill next monday when i get paid that would be sweeet. what ill do is send it to you then message you on here when i have sent the payment. Safe mate
    easy mate... if ya can let know when u want payment for thos etunes ill get it over to ya buddy
    haha mate had completely forgotten about that, gonna have to see that episode again

    yeh man iv got em, i will take them vinyl off ur hands just a bit strapped for cash at the mo got sanctuary to pay for soon so when i ot the money il give u a shout, obviously dnt worry bout holding em. safety!
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