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    DNBTV 137

    ffs the buffering is just fucking stupid!!nicky is smashing it up aswell!! ---------- Post added at 20:38 ---------- Previous post was at 20:21 ---------- russians??please tell me more?wouldnt mind the nicky blackbuffer set
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    Electronic Drummer Needed!

    <<<< session drummer pm sent mate
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    Pleasure and Origin - Hard Times....

    ohhhhhhhhh!!made me shiver on the drop!!heavy fucking stuff!!!loving it!!!whens this out?
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    vinyl all the way for me been buying since 92,prob for me now is room!!!they take up so much fucking space!!ive always been dead against the mp3 thing but for the thousands of pounds ive spent on tunes i can see why ppl just download from soulseek and use serato or mixvibes!doesnt seem the same...
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    hysteria valentines bash@ motion bristol

    dj sly n bassman- (not my vid though lol) yeh just seemed like most of the crowd who were trying too enjoy the night got fucking hamperd allnight long!!been in the scene a long time since 92 but fuck me its getting slowly worse innit?what happened too...
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    hysteria valentines bash@ motion bristol

    any of you lot reach for this last weekend??cracking night with a few faults!!micky finn was by far the best set of the night he smashed the place up!dj sly was good with bassman,frost was amazing as always,subfocus was dreadful his whole set sounded like one samey long repetitive tune(is this...
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    Badass 2011

    omg that is just fucking AWFUL!!!!!!!!original was such a tune!!!ruined!!never thought much of slum dogz anyway!!sort of chavs of dnb!!!
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    Robocop (Taxman Remix) Release date?

    anyone using htfr should stop asap!theyve been scamming people for years with there repres,s and the good old "oh we charged your account by mistake?sorry about that!"
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    Hazard - Westfest 2010

    anyone got any of the other sets?was a good night!
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    What MCs yall feelin right now?

    gq dynamite funsta fearless
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    DJ Marky set tune

    sounds like something from bukems labels!
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    Garry K Sanctuary 2010 Tracks

    garry who?lol
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    Hazard - Westfest 2010

    yeh just got that!!shame theres no roni size or andy c sets though!!!they both played blinders!
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    Fake Andy C Twitter account - lolz

    brilliant!!!fucking brilliant!!!
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    Your first set in a club..

    id give netsky a ring!!hell obviously have some cheating tips for you!!lol