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  • yo dude, caught you and futile at volks last week, ooooooooh matey that was a sik set!!!!!!! big up sir!"
    Grooverider played Risin' Up on the Drum and Bass takeover on Radio 1 last night. Last tune of the hour!

    Big up to you sir.
    Set times for supercharged mate..

    9-10 South Bound Hangers
    10-11.30 2Bit Thugs
    11.30-12.30 Zinc
    12.30-2 The Qemists
    2-3 Nero
    3-4 Loefah
    4-5 Brookes Brothers
    haha, fingers crossed he ain't got anything too bad then!

    Yeah man I'm on AIM - ZeroBeatsUK

    Let me know what you think of the track fella.
    Ghahaha most deffo mate. Brighton isnt too far either. Was great finally meeting up! Set went alright. Kinda filtered out by the time we were on, but it was a good crack regardless!
    Wicked to meet you and your other half last night mate. I just had a listen to some of your bits on sound cloud and I sent you a track over as well.

    Rising up is sexual mate, really like that track! Is it getting a release?
    Easy fella, I'm good thanks, yourself?
    As for the guest list, your already on it with up to 4 guests for entry.

    We were going to try and work something out where if people get late and the club is filling up they get priority entry, but it seems there isn't much we can do about that cos the bouncers wont hold any sort of list.

    It's fine tho... I see you said your aiming to get there about half 8? You will get in no problems mate.
    Riddle me this, riddle me that, the last bit is first, this first bit is last:

    I am going to buy a new dress for the occasion, preferably one that goes with my dacing steel toe capped boots, and one that I can freely lunge in whenever the mood takes me!!!
    Jamaican Jack!!! I'm peachy thankyou very much, I went out last night, drank 3 bottles of cider and got very drunk, now I have a sore head.
    How is your weekend looking to be panning out? Tonight I'm going to see Big Bud, Evesom and Blu Mar Ten which will be boot stompingly good I hope, then tomorrow night, I'm going to don the steel toe caps once more for a night out with some forum girlies - Souljah and Gumby and we're going to see Icicle and Commix and Chris Su!

    I'm very much looking forward to a week today, wild horses couldn't keep me away, I've got my ordanance survey map and compas at the ready, so I can orienteer myself, and any other risk takers across the highlands and the lowlands to meet in the greatest city of all... Shoreditch.

    I shall be taking lots of pictures of the night to remember things with, and as many people think this will be stealing part of their souls, and refuse to partake in the memory-jogging process, I can assure you, your soul is safe!
    Wicked! Yeah just go on the cloud and you should be able to download it. Any problems let me know man. Feel free to fire over any finished bits when they're done as i'm thinking to do a december mix soon, before everything gets to busy in the run up to crimbo.
    All good mon frere! You ok? Yeah looking forward to the 11th! Should be big! Dave should be around later today, he had to come back to Watford as his missus had to go sort some stuff out for an advert she's starring in. Not sure if he has done more to the co-lab. I sent you "Assassins" on sound cloud btw man. Little bit of jump up warble wobble for you. Have you guys finished up "Mountain Goat" yet?
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