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    The great forum delete

    What’s this?
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    ITT we post doggos

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    @ Pames Jond

    James Pond 2: Codename Robocod was a fucking great game though. How did no one put Clods new username as Roboclod?
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    Is your name Carl?

    Everyone knows it’s really Korf
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    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I’m good cheers mate. You ok? Also REMEMBER: The time we climbed the tree behind the old mill?
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    Game of Thrones Season 8

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    I am the chosen one

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    Dexcell - February Twenty:19 Mix

    TRACKLIST PLTX – Hypnotize // Dexcell Ft. Charlotte Haining – Closer Spectrasoul – Like This Edlan & DJah – Fragile // BC:UK – True Romance Changing Faces – Monochrome Henry – Let’s Move On // Calibre & Jet Li – Trees In The Wind Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night S.P.Y – Runaway Dub Sl8r – Volcano //...
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    New Forum Smiley Suggestions

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    RIP Andy Skopes

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    Dexcell - January Twenty:19 Mix

    Tracklist In:Most & Changing Faces Ft. Charli Brix – “Soft Spoken” (GLXY Remix) // Emperor – “Half Makes Whole” Dot - “Projections” Circuits – “Inertia” DRS Ft. Artificial Intelligence – “Overdose” Drumsik - “Maybe” BCee - “Moving Away” Sustance - “Recognise” Dexcell Ft. Becca Jane Grey –...
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    Where is Michaels?

    Have you done a belt of spice and lost your account details again
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    Where is Michaels?

    Why have you made another account?
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    Steve’s post

    And that’s the true horror of this tale
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    Where is Michaels?