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  • i will thats going to be rad! were coming out with some stuff on pinecone moonshine and got some new bits on our own label, i certainly will send you some, curious to hear your feedback.

    man i just awoke from the worst nightmare and the dream machine isnt turned off even thouhg im awake so if i close my eyes i still see raspberries big as footballs, braided ski lifts, gas leaks in my home, my brother throweing me off a house, fuck, man, these are dire circustances! Iä Iä ftaghn ftaghn
    aw man thats a damn shame but hey you gotta do what you gotta do big daddy! i totally undrstand but do you think anyone else from dexcell might be up for it? and me shoot, im just working, all day, every day, trying to get this money.

    im also trying to gt som music going so im coming at it from all angles, recording metal, writing dnb, doing hip hop, its just about getting it going. im really curious about your new stuff man, really looking fotrward to hearing it, will there be a mix or something?

    you are ok, arent you? might just be me, but youve seemed a little gloomy as of late. but then it could just be me, of course. which i would prefer actually
    im serious adam, i cant find a save button on that page? where, on the bottom? its not there though, my dude? HALP PLS

    and i think i know how to fix up dizzledee. long as i find that damn button, HALP
    not long, it seems that way cos his username is similar to a fellow that indeed has been on here for a long time, possibly australian, do you know the one i mean? anyway our dizzledee, just off the top of my head, signed up in sepm OK so i just checked his profile and hes been on since 2011 and most likely is the guy i was talking about. but custom avatar is enabled after 1000, is that so? because hes got 475 posts. if its 500 he can do it himself, and if its 1000 hes just going to have to roll up his sleeves and suck it in, huckleberry finn.

    i wanted to troll and put a customer avatar jpg with skulls i artistically and stylishly would have conceived in ms_paint, that was my whole plan, you see,. adam. fiendish yet diabolical do you not agree.
    thank you adams, but you cant relpy in your own profile, how will i see it? i literally just saw it now because i came here to ask you again. BUT NICE ONE, jools wanted a bit of a name change, and dizzledee wants skulls, which i will grant him verily, by way of ms_paint and an avatar.
    wait, he cant have custom avatar, can he? how do i solve that, can i enable that on his account anyway? and then disable it. because you have to earn your keep here, bucko. this aint no free ride damn it. hell naw.
    KURT! You have to login to admin section. Search for the user, then change their name on the view profile. There's a save button at the bottom of the page mate :2thumbs:
    HI NEGCKERS how do you change someones name? i cant find the button. you know what im like with buttons, i dont know where any of them are, ever, but this one is going to be useful. how do i shot web?
    HAI BADDY can you change the production compo poll into open vote? so you can see who vote for what?
    Hi ya m8.. any chance you could change mine to ThePapa?

    Been meaning to ask for time. Cheers me dears.
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