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    Label Manga - Guyver EP 20/08/12

    Ez all been a wile since i was last here, just had a lot on as of late :drums: Anyway on with the promo! NEUTRONIC BEATS 015 DJ MANGA - GUYVER EP 1- Dr Balcus 2- Team 5 3- Mizuki 4- Mega Smasher 5- Dark Guyver "free download link Release date: 20/08/2012...
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    Neutronic Beats 10 (RELEASED)

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    Neutronic Beats 10 (RELEASED)

    Just a heads up about are first full release of the year that has just landed NTB010 - INTERVIEW WITH A BADMAN EP Artist: Manga feat. Fatman D & Rekless Track List: 01- Interview With A Badman 02- (Instrumental Mix) 03- (Dub Plate Mix) Links: DNBA...
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    Drum & Bass Next up on Neutronic Beats

    weekend bump!
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    Drum & Bass Next up on Neutronic Beats

    easy all just letting you know about are next release on HIDALGO (USA) - NOW HEAR DIS SHRUST (GERMANY) - CHIX Release Date: 27th Jan 2012 - [ only from ] Audio Link below: Small release Info: This first track on this release...
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    Drum & Bass Manga - Silver Eyed Witch EP (released today)

    SILVER EYED WITCH EP Artist: DJ Manga Track List: 01 – SILVER EYED WITCH 02 – AWAKENED BEING 03 – YOMA 04 – CREATURE OF THE ABYSS Release date: out now - Full Release Date: 28th November 2011 After the dancefloor smashing success of NTB006 the ‘Familia...
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    Drum & Bass FAMILIA EP (out now)

    what kind of stuff you into, Dark and Liquid maybe? as we are planning some releases like this in the new year!
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    Drum & Bass FAMILIA EP (out now)

    FAMILIA EP Artist’s: Various Track List: 01 – SILICONE CHICKEN BREAST - High Octane 02 – WIKID SICK – High Octane 03 – RIB TICKER – Gusto 04 – DESTINY – Toxin Release Status: out now! TrackItDown Juno...
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    Sound System Punishment!!!

    SOUND SYSTEM PUNISHMENT EP Artist: Manga Track List: 01 – BadMan Step 02 – Danger Time 03 – NOT 04 – Piped Piper Release date: 25th ( ) & 29th August world wide After the Successful Release of Geno Cyber (NTB003) and Animation LP NTB004 – A & B) Manga and the...
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    Drum & Bass Animation LP part 1 (neutronic beats)

    na bro im not talking about you other people that was meant to be on the Familia Ep, but i cant wait to hear what you got coming ;)
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    Drum & Bass Animation LP part 1 (neutronic beats)

    Ez all its been a wile since I last posted here hope everybody is cool anyway this is just to let heads know about are next release on Neutronic Beats digital Animation LP part 1 by Dj Manga if anyone knows about him then you should know what kind of EP this is. Jump Up with some...
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    Neutronic Beats 001 out 31 jan (digi)

    Ez Peeps i know iv not been around much been really busy working on music for a few heads and has now got a little time to promo my new little mp3 label (maybe vinyl if all goes well:smile:) The first release is set for 31 Jan 2011 Two tracks to test the water and push the boundaries of Jump...
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    New Label New Sound ;)

    Ez all new label from myself Dj Manga, going to be some jump up release’s to kick things off then maybe move onto other things depending on how the first 6 months to a year go! Hope you enjoy! Neutronic Beats 001 TITLE: A: Evil Residentz