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    Drum & Bass Marc Aurora - Highlife Podcast

    Thanks for the feedback man! I'm aware of the vocal clashes but they are a thing i'm willing to do when 2 tunes work together as well as they do, it doesn't bother me too much as long as it is not actual singing on both tracks. But yeah, fluent syncing of the tracks is what i was going for and...
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    Guest Mix- Beknoxx (Fat Badger #23)

    Now this is strong! Nice work mate!
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    Drum & Bass Marc Aurora - Highlife Podcast

    Hey! I recently started a podcast of my own and i got 2 episodes out by now. I'm new to this forum but already excited about it since i didn't know that there exists a site like this! So please, enjoy the music and leave some feedback if you can, it will be appreciated! Thanks! Episode 1...
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    Living the highlife

    Living the highlife