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    live stream from tinybunnies aka melody on the dnbforum facebook page now!

    Neat that it plays in here, as much as i prefer old forums gotta admit facebooks level of tech is brilliant.
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    K2T - Mvua EP - Detached Audio - 07/06/19

    These Option collabs always yield a slice of excellence.
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    Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated

    Hey, Percussion and drums are brilliant. Nice vibe with the Rhodes too. Melody is pleasant and mixed well although i feel the guitar needs to be a little more subtle. Vocal for me at the moment distract me a bit much. Sure i get they are early stages but for me, i would definitely consider...
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    Drum & Bass Ive been producing DnB for 4 months any advice on this attempt on a minimal

    Hey, Yeah, nice vibe on this. I think maybe the concept is sound but the drop is rushed somewhat. Try the vocal a bit more subtle and some silence and FX after it before the drop? Sounds are good and i like the style i think you are aiming for. Unfortunately, the bass just doesn't have the...
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    Dubstep J:Kenzo - 7th March 2019 - Rinse FM

    aff the waws, aye? We got emoticons now, wooot...
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    Dubstep J:Kenzo - 7th March 2019 - Rinse FM

    Safe mate, hope you are well!
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    Looking for some suggestions for Tutorial Videos to cover on fmy youtube channel

    Ha, great producer though. I only ever chop amens this way nao.
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    Deep Dubstep

    Okay, its probably just serum for bass and reverb on claps anyway. Extraordinarily difficult.
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    Minimal DNB Competition - VOTING

    Good going Big Friendly Giant
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    Deep Dubstep

    Any producers in here experimenting with this style?
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    Minimal DNB Competition - VOTING

    Not much action in here gents! Great work on the tracks people who subbed. I had a chance to listen last night and got my votes in! Some quality work in there too, and an excellent turn out once again... Great stuff!
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    J:Kenzo - 7th February 2019 - Rinse FM

    suck my vag
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    Drum & Bass Minimal DNB Production Competition - 2018/2019

    You're just waiting for a drumfunk one, i know the score. Shame us all with some epicness. We wait then shall we? I see the deadline is the 6th. I wrote something not up to much so far but ill try get another few hours in and i will obviously submit something. Looking forward to hearing how...
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    Drum & Bass Minimal DNB Production Competition - 2018/2019

    Good stuff guys, i need to have a another bash at mine too.