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  • I wish I made them! Cyanide & Happiness have been doing strip comics for many many years though. My kind of comedy.
    close to 1000 now buddy, just hang in there, there is a... shall we say "sort of" funny thing that happens, i mean its really not very special or cool at all, but once you see it you will realize how many things are connected inside and outside the universe and cosmos we, the people of this forum, our digital soil, soul, soiul, call "a forum on the internets what we nerd out on" during the week, because i continue my quotes even after i unqouted, i use brackets in a totally nonsensivcal way (here it should say something ´poignant but it dont and the same goes for brackets, commatation is more of an abstract art form to me and i dont use captital letters for stuff. theres only one thing i have a rock hard resolve to use correctly. can you guess? hint, insecure people use it for no reason to look cool, luckily that trend seems to have worn off somehwat. also i never fini
    had a feeling it was the influence of someone else, doesnt sound the least bit like something you did
    of course, ill do it when i get home. looking forward to your demo. speaking of tunes, i thought your remix contribution had a heavy sound with a great mix, but the musical idea behind it not so much.
    HOLY SHIT NASTY HABITS?? dark angel?? dont really see how you could spare this one, thanks a bunch big man!
    WAIT did someone tell you you couldnt give away free vinyl in the drum and bass section??
    wassup nega, im drunk and really happy right now, so apart from our current ongoing PM convo, i was wondering about the remix compo in production forums, you will submit an entry right? it would be awesome to get you onboard
    really glad you liked mulholland bound (in the group were all big lynch fans) keep me updated on your shit (if you have new shit online, shit btw, shit as it were. shit) or if you have a WIP you need feedback on, just shoot me a PM with the soundcloud or dl link and ill get back to you with words. on the subject. shit
    hey buddy, i checked your music, its actually really nice, im impressed! as for the artist name, once you hit 1000 posts i dont have any problem changing it for you. manu forti, are you doing the old latin trick? or what is it maybe even spanish? for strong hands, no? im gonna listen more to your stuff and get back to you, i found it interesting.
    Logik im so good you could not believe how much of my brain ive used/abused this week... almost 99% hhahhah just enjoying stuff huh

    hows yersel?
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