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    Ra Remixes on Pre-Order

    I'm not to keen on the remixes the only reason why I'm going to pick it up is for the original. I wonder if the people that have the original are going to be mad about the fact that they can't sell their's for 30-60 GBP on discogs or ebay now that the song has been re-issued and now everyone...
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    arisan vip

    LMAO - Thanks Riisu for the jokes.Made my day at work.:laugh:
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    Break - Subversion EP (Commercial Suicide)

    That's why I call it the Black Crack.It really does put a hurting on the funds. I read some where that this was going to be an album and that "Destiny Comes A Ringing" was going to be the sample for it.But I guess that infomation was wrong. Thanks Caustic for clearing this up.
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    True Pioneers of DNB

    I don't know about most of.If your from the UK or not but I'm from L.A. so most of the Dj's that you lot mention you probably had the chance to see out there but it was raritie to see such big names at the earlier raves I started to go to back in '96.Probably due to money.And old school tape...
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    arisan vip

    No it isn't you.All it is the bassline switched up a little and the Family Guy sample is a little different.Both samples are from the same episode "Brian Goes Back To College". The original is from the scene when Stewie writes Brians paper and the parapalegic professor says: "Clearly...
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    Zero Tolerance - Live @ Reach - 2008/04/25

    theres 2 tunes in between "Plastic Soul RMX" & "Walk Away" 1st one is Ian Brown – Illegal Attacks (Goldie & Strider Remix) [POLYDOR] 2nd one I don't know, but I would like an ID.
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    Zero Tolerance - Live @ Reach - 2008/04/25

    Thanks for this - been wanting to hear some Zero T for a minute.
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    Baron "Blinking With Fists"

    Bagged this. This has got to be my favorite 12" - "Turn Up The Sun" and "Blinking With Fist" are top notch IMO. It's rare to get a 12" now a days with both sides being quality. Don't get me wrong there are other new 12"'s that other headz might think the same about that I'm probably...
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    Survival - The Beginning

    I'm always picking up Survival tunes. Can't wait till this comes out.
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    Thank you Lokki for this just bagged mine from Nu Urban. To bad for my brother he wanted a copy but they're limited to 1 per customer.He'll just have to wait. Hell, had to shell out 15.25 - shipping alone was almost just as much as the E.P. I'm in the States so now it's all about...
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    White Label Promos are they going to be extinct?

    I've notice toward the end of last year and the beginning this year certain label like Soul:R, Signature, Creative Source, Critical Recordings, Dispatch Recordings and just recently Frequency and another handful of labels are releasing final copy products with labels and artwork. And when you...
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    Will Vinyl Die Out?

    I don't think vinyl will die due to the fact that there are many record collectors in the world.I work with a record dealer and I buy most my Jazz,Blues,and Soul from him.He goes on to tell me that people from all over the world buy from him.Example he's got this one cat from Japan that comes...
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    D-Bridge - Live @ Renegade Hardware - 2008/04

    Hell Yeah. Always up for some D-Bridge. Thanks for this.
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    Ram.. am i going mad???

    I have mixed feeling about this E.P. also. Screamer - just a V.I.P. sounds like the original just updated. (1st guy "so guys how are we going to make some cash" 2nd guy "just pick a good track from back in the days and make it a V.I.P.") Smoothie - sounds like Matrix a track just...
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    Dj Hazard / Robert Rodriguez "Machete"

    Yeah that would be sick he would sync that track up to a fight scene were Machete would have one in each hand and just be chopping up fools ala Kill Bill style.