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    Andy C XOYO 2019

    19:27 is a cut and there starts the mysterious ID for some seconds til Hold your Color
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    Andy C Parklife 2015

    Hey everyone, So it starts 06:52 - a bit 'Culture Shock - Pandemic' in it and later on it double drops with 'Knife Party - LRAD (Prototypes Remix)' Very jumpy heater, hope someone has an idea or knows it. Have a nice weekend y'all & thanks :)
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    Andy C XOYO 2019

    the track before^^
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    Andy C 2012 - Global Energy Weekender

    Wow its Cyantific, wouldnt remember this in ages :D Thanks a lot Sir !
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    Andy C 2012 - Global Energy Weekender

    Good evening folks, I just cant remember the name....hope someone could help. so it sounds old and it starts at 7:31~ not even sure if its one track when it drops haha. Thanks
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    The Prototypes 2 Bouncing ID´s - Let it Roll 2016

    Jumpy stuff incoming Starts at 39:00 with Mind Vortex - Gravity ID ?? the other one at 39:43 ID ?? Thanks for any Help :) Cheers
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    Andy C XOYO 2019

    Andy said in an interview that he got like 7 tracks or so, he wants to get them out as soon as possible. Maybe thats one of them? (Search for 'Andy C on the Road - D&BTV Winter 2019) But usually he gets so much music send between XOYO, there are a lot of 1 time only bangers. The Baseline could...
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    A.M.C Storm Club 2 IDs

    Hope you guys can help me with 2 IDs :) First @19:09min - its double dropping with Dimension - Crowd Reaction & Second @46:40min - lyrics are like "the most tremendous musical experience you can have and now its avaible for everyone" - double drops with Bad Company - Planet Dust Appreciate...
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    Andy C @ RAMsterdam 2015

    What is the track ID that double drops with Un-Cut - Midnight at the end of the video? You can hear the bass of it really fine. 1:50 Thanks folks :)
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    Bassface Sascha - HR XXL (1998-2003) Help needed !

    I really would like to know the ID of the first track :) the magic of it just got me and the ID of 58:10, it starts there slowly. Info: HR XXL is an old radio station (1998-2003) from Hessen. If anyone know from which year this mix is, it would be great to hear. Feel free to tell me other track...
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    Culture Shock - Brixton Academy 2015

    What is the second track that drops in at 0:36 besides Drumsound & Bassline Smith Through the Night ? Can´t remember it, thanks for the help :)
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    Technimatic D&B Arena Summer Selection BBQ 2015

    Thanks a lot ! (actually its the VIP in this video)
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    Track from Wilkinson Set at EDC 2015

    Sounds like Wilkinson & Shannon Saunders. Must be some forthcoming collab
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    Technimatic D&B Arena Summer Selection BBQ 2015

    The track starts at 58:40 Sounds so oldschool, but I cant find it. The Bass Vibes are really nice :) ty for any help :)
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    Metrik Global Gathering 2014 (deep Sub Focus double)

    you are a god, thanks :)