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    shabba, crack ?

    what an odd necrobump. my child died from sniffing paint. you think this is easy, dont you. you sit in your house eating cheetos thinking this is easy. its not.
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    RIP Dominator - DJ Amplify

    i didnt like it, im not saying anything bad about dj dominator. i thought it would be gabba tbh
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    Skeptical: Musket 10"

    HEY you just take it easy ok cowboy, bodyrock was genius. the last genius song from the cats who made molten beats, from what i can discern why would he put this out himself, with no side B neither its like a girl snapchatting her pussy to all the guys in the crew on the same night, shes so...
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    thats fucking funny man, thats crazy, i was thinking to myself, like, what outside of drumfunk, this last decade, do i rate as classics? and i couldnt think of anything, because i feel like i didnt listen to anything for the longest time, but then ASC popped up in the back of my mind. then i...
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    My latest WIP

    i like it, i like the sound you have on the drums, and i like it conceptually, youre making something happen, musically. i appreciate that a hundred times over repetitive shit thats clinical and perfect, but really just this one little loop. i am all about arrangement, and youve put some...
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    My latest WIP

    yes, what is that called again, they have a website that does just that, like but for sounds yes, that! brb
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    My latest WIP

    hey bro, i tried to fix your link and i fucked up your post, can you post a thing i can press "play" on? ill listen, im interested
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    Waves Flex

    you had better not be on some "its subjective" ass fuck shit when im in da house, homeboy. this is stock plugs and freeware territory, are you out of your mind "plugin subscription fee" im posting from a stolen computer, high on ambien, what do you think this is, my little pony
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    Get schwifty

    its a pocket controller you doofus, based on rick and morty. dont you know anything about popular culture, nerd
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    K2T - Mvua EP - Detached Audio - 07/06/19

    i dont but i have a dislike for amen traces used just like you say, to beef up the top. i cant stand a high passed amen behind a sturdy kick snare twostep beat, for example. also amen drumfunk is often done without any regard to the sound design, glitchy super complex ninja amen programming is...
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    Greetings, this is Boredome speaking

    thats interesting, its so mad that weed is legal in holland and spain but still illegal in italy, which is where the dutch and the spanish all go when ever they get five minutes to spare? we had a member name sygo from italy on here, many years ago, and he got caught with a few grams of coke...
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    Greetings, this is Boredome speaking

    hey buddy, welcome! where did you get the vanilla haze from? you dig on haze normally? its a hugely popular strain in the coffeshops, even if the indica dominant skunks will always be big sellers. im talking about amsterdam, where are you from? edit: ah, italy! we have coffeshops in spain, do...
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    K2T - Mvua EP - Detached Audio - 07/06/19

    man, i like it a lot, its dope. i think you should completely abandon your amen tendencies, when it comes to the drum aesthetic, but musically, and technically, other than that, its dope af. im not saying it sounds bad, its a heavy drum sound, but the amen thing feels out of place...
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    Waves Flex

    are plugs so different now that this is actually something people seriously consider? i think someone on here mentioned before @IV4 was that you? freeware and stock plugs are perfectly sufficient, cooledit pro stock effects, its really just saturation that can be interesting from a pay ware...
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    Fanu and Infader: One Thing And Another EP (Lightless Recordings)

    It's brilliant as always big man