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  • DNB Forum Production Competition :: EXTENDED DEADLINE
    lets just say that the number of submissions could not make for a competition, so me and Logikz have decided to extend the submission for another week.
    C'mon guys and girls, win this and you have a guaranteed career as a dnb dj, or a sunset boulevard stripper. its your choice...
    allrite bruv no propbs. where can i upload em to? theyll take a while to upload i tink tho. they quite big. ill up both of em for ya. Also wen i said about writing lyrics to a tune i didnt mean ive got sum allready on wav. ill write fresh bars to ya track and do it tht way then send them to ya

    safe bruv
    will chuck in a liquid dnb pack at some point. these are all bought too, so good quality. the koncept and funktion pack sounds good. if you message me the dL link, i will upload yours mate.
    do have a couple more actually. can you please do the ez rollers and other dnb pack and i will sort you out with the soundbwoy killah pack. Fair exchange is no robbery mate.
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