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    check out my sound

    hey all My shiz! now this is only some of my stuff i have more, please check a track or two out and comment:)
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    U Knoe THis Track?

    sounds like..... sounds like c4c "cause for concern", can't be so sure tho cuz I dont think i heard this track b4, anyways god luck findin it out
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    Top Producers at the mo?????

    Mulder Stakka Klute Dagga EIB C4C RONI SIZE! jhn b concord dawn and so much more! their's too many i like em all damnit! haha
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    New CD Cover

    lol I made this with my cam, i took a pic of myself and brought it in Adobo Photoshop 6.0 and fooled around and before I knew it i was making a cd cover! lol :biggrin:
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    New CD Cover

    this is my new cd cover, comments plz... :)
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    Look what just hit my inbox....

    DUDE GO just chill! gogogogo you fool! lol :P im dissapointed in you :angry:
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    oooh!! new promos on chem forthcoming!

    OOOooo Smashin sumthin is gunna be the first one i lewk for hehehe! :biggrin:
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    [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.05

    Re: [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.0 hehe thanks once again! lol
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    new features!

    These new features kick ass!!!!!! :gun: :shake: :chainsaw: :slayer: gotta love that blur !!!!!!!!!!! and yes that's my tattoo!! hehe "not done yet"
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    [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.05

    Re: [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.0 YEAH MAN THAT's IT THANKS ALoT! *me listens to song* :slayer: *dodododooddood*
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    [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.05

    oh yeah i was crusin with a friend and his EX which he can't contact gave him this tape with a dnb mix on it, their was John B - Forever [hard 12" mix]...... and before this track was a track I must find... it started with bongo's and a beat then before it kicked in the bongo's stopped and the...
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    [need tracklist] bad_company_-_Breezeblock_Set_2002.02.05

    someone please gimme the tracklist for Bad Company - :twisted: Breezeblock Set - 2002.02.05 i need it i tell you! "especially the first track" :twisted:
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    Juanito new to here

    Nuendo, I use fm7 myself but in Fruity Loops LoL, i want to use it in Reason but I dont think that would work.... if anyone knows what the best Proggy is for attatching fm7 tell me! or just tell me this "neundo or fruity poop" lol :slayer: "currently greuvin 2...
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    Juanito new to here

    nice track! :thumbsup: what'd you make this with? :twisted: