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    Hello are you still selling your 1210s?

    Hello are you still selling your 1210s?
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    Facebook Live Stream - Audio

    Hi guys, I have been trying to get a good quality facebook live stream with audio from the mixer. I have a Rode SC4 running off an iPhone 5c but cannot get the iPhone to stop using the internal microphone even when the linein cable is plugged in. Has anyone had any experience of successful...
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    Drum & Bass Best VIPs?

    Mortem - Whispers VIP Basher - Devotion VIP
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    Submit your mixes to win. Closing date 31/12/2025

    Hi guys, here's my submission for mix of the month. Really enjoyed putting tracks together having listened to them this summer rowing across the Atlantic! Full description here: Tracklist...
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    Continental Sunset - Lenzman, Riya, Technimatic, SPY, Mark System, Anile

    This summer I rowed across the Atlantic with a friend from New York to Salcombe, Devon. I spent 93 days at sea and we've nearly raised £100,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity. Along the way I listened to a lot of drum and bass that kept me going, here's the first of three mixes showcasing my most...
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    1hr Mix : 38 songs -Dimension/Fred V/Technimatic/Calibre/DubPhizix/Xtrah/IvyLab/AndyC

    Features a few from the favourite double drops thread, and blends I've heard out recently Download link: Chase and Status - Eastern Jam Fred V & Grafix – Bladerunner Dimension – Synth...
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    Favourite double drops

    Calibre - Steptoe >> Dub Phizix - Marka @43:00 here
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    Drum & Bass Double 99 - Rip Groove remix

    spy has been playing a rip groove remix recently does anyone what it is?
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    Danny Byrd - Golden Ticket LP [NHS234CD]

    Bad boy has a bassline from Andy C/Shimon - Quest, anyone else hear it?