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    Hazard - Inno In The Dam 2017 I.D's

    1: Current Value - Influx 3: Enei - Wolfpack 5: Spaow - Weed Doesn't Grow on Mars
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    Neurofunk tune, should be easy

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    Drum & Bass Tune of the day

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    tune played by drumsound+bassline smith

    Culture Shock - Tangents
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    Drum & Bass Dimension - Black Church

    Pretty much how I feel about it.
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    Drum & Bass Dimension - Black Church

    Kobalt Says it here about half way down/
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    Drum & Bass Dimension - Black Church

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    MTA Records disbanded?

    Oh damn I wasn't aware he was, yeah I guess this confirms it then.
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    MTA Records disbanded?

    Saw this on Skankandbass' Facebook. It's not an official comment from MTA themselves, but it does explain their absence since Dimension UK dropped.
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    Snowbombing @ Printworks - Dimension

    Always thought the mix from Pull Me Under to UK sounded wonky. I think you're right in saying it's a Dimension ID. I guess we're just gonna have to wait for this one.
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    Need ID of a track from the Liquicity Yearmix 2014!

    Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg - Two To One (Dualistic Bootleg)
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    Drum & Bass Dimension songname?

    Generator / Beg & Borrow Bit late to the party but eh :)