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    TRISECT-ZINC+BAILEY-Fri 28th May. WIN tickets!!

    4 days to go! :idhitit:
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    Already have Alex- signed up there last week. Its a good little board ;)
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    TRISECT-ZINC+BAILEY-Fri 28th May. WIN tickets!!

    Cool. Well u can bring my copy down on the 28th then can't ya? Or give it to me when I come 2 play ur end. ;)
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    TRISECT-ZINC+BAILEY-Fri 28th May. WIN tickets!!

    Lol u buyin a house? I'm selling one and buyin another at the mo too. Fun eh? Hows the weekly goin? We still gotta sort out a bokoin swap bro. We have some dates for you in mind. Gimme a call ;) And yeh- bout bloody time you actually came to Trisect! :rik: is gonna be there.. how can you...
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    I'm actually sellin up and movin down there from Leicester as we speak mate. My g/f's from Bristol and I know the place pretty well. Bristol's a lovely city, pretty, vibrant, a wicked breaks scene in general u have Metric (btw at whomever asked that is Rit from Locus' new thing), Drive By...
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    TRISECT-ZINC+BAILEY-Fri 28th May. WIN tickets!!

    EZ Bro!! How the hell are you? Long time no speak. We need to hook up bro. U best be comin to this one! Been waitin a long time for you to show yer face. ;) :rolf: <-- had to use this merely because it rocks!
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    TRISECT-ZINC+BAILEY-Fri 28th May. WIN tickets!!

    So how fookin heavy were Terra Firma + Skully eh? Thanx a million to everyone who came down and helped create such a wicked atmosphere!! Big each n every one of ya up ;) But now its: Time for our Birthday!! Yep! TRISECT is four this month.. woohoo! Its also time to celebrate for both...
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    LIVE 2Day-Kymatik + Pace on Kool. REQUESTS Here

    Back once again ;) Ky comes back on Kool for the weekly Tuesday Trisect show. Tune in for the heavy, upfront beats across all styles of D+B and come talk shit in the chat :D 4-6PM GMT -->follow the links to stream. Any REQUESTS post em up here b4 3 or email...
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    the "Dont Call Goldie" Tune on Metalheadz

    Cool! Already been waitin bout 6 months for this. Thought it was by Kryptic Minds or is that just an alias I dun recognise?
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    KOOL Radio- the legend on the net! Tuesday schedule

    LIVE each and every Tuesday from 4pm-10pm GMT on Kool Live ( 4-6pm GMT: TRISECT show with Kymatik: Log on, tune in and check it out- expect new/ forthcoming/ unreleased tunage from all across the D+B spectrum. We're also gonna be bringin the full TRISECT 4...
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    audio clips of entire album on Kaizen
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    Submit your questions for Nu:tone interview!

    Q: Where's the album???? Q: 2003 must have been an amazing year for you. Quality release after quality release all the way thru. U really exploded onto the scene with a then very original sound. Do you think this has now evolved into a signature sound for you? (U can usually tell a Nu:Tone...
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    Competition!! Win Militia's "Weight Gain" EP

    All u gotta do is: Log on to my TRISECT show on Kool Live (, from 12-2 tonight and listen out for the (simple) question. Answer it and a brand new copy of Militia's recently Promo'd EP could be yours! Thats right. Sweet tunes, bad (sic) mixing , and...
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    All 3 Scratch perverts! Fri 17th OCT

    Yes, after the massive success of the Perverts last visit to the Charlotte, we’re bringing them back for another round of hip-hop destruction!* Their last gig turned out to be one of Leicester’s best events of last year, and sold out a manner of minutes after the charlottes doors opened. Those...
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    PROTOCOL- 25th OCT

    U know it makes sense! :dutty: