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    Best cheap sound proofing for studio room

    ezzz dnbf. aint been about for a while! Now just ripped out a bathroom and have a room for music again. Got cavity walls on internal walls and wanted to sound proof them, already ripped off plasterboard. Also wanna soundproof underfloor boards and in the loft. Whats the best way of sound...
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    @ Ill Rabbit

    Keeping well thanks. Job keeping me fairly busy, 3 bed house refirbed now coming to end, lil one on way so dnb has had to take a back seat recently. Still play out a little, moved to Serato a couple of months ago so lovin that! ill Rabbit is actually my cousin, he gets a little mixed up at...
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    @ Ill Rabbit

    i do browse once n a while...... get a grip Roger ffs. bigups $marty inside
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    Sabre @ Metalheadz DNBTV 20/09/2008

    Vicious Circle-Relapse {10:55}
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    Sabre @ Metalheadz DNBTV 20/09/2008

    owwwf, sick lil mix. tracklist would be diamond
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    REQUEST* icicle atm mix

    big tracklist
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    Loxy@Renegade Hardware, 1st August 2008

    Loxy & Isotone - Shodan :gang_bang anyone know on release info on this? proper SICK
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    Azonica - August 2008 Mix

    nice tracklisting, pon the dl
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    APEX Kiss fm 07.07.08. No MC's

    proper sick! bring this fucker on
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    Vestax pdx2000 help

    can probably shed some light on this.... I purchased a set of when they first came out, they both had the low centre pin height, my bro who purchased a set of these a few years after had two that were the high centre pin height. bizarre but it doesn't compromise performance in anyway
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    s'all bout the following for me.... nymfo spectrasoul instra:mental d bridge alix perez zero tolerence icicle break apex
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    D-Bridge - Live @ Renegade Hardware - 2008/04

    deep n dark, just what you'd expect from d bridge @ RH. my kinda shizzer
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    Therapy Sessions London April 2008

    squire's mix looks interesting ..... on the d/l, cheers for the mirror!
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    CALYX. Opinions pleeze

    big bad n heavy! really come on in the last couple of years, hookups with Teebee are proper sick. keep slicing them boundaries up