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    DnB The Barbaric Empire Podcast featuring Kop-z
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    DnB The Barbaric Empire Podcast featuring Kop-z

    This is what we call a troll. While we cant shoot them, we can just ignore them and they will find another place to feed their negative self worth.
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    Low:r - Oceanus EP

    Why are you asking someone else how to feel about a track. Feel how you want to feel and just shut the fuck up.
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    Awesome Books Thread ...

    Gentleman Bastard Series is absolutely amazing. High level shit talk and a great story.
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    The Gaming Thread

    Is that right?
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    The Gaming Thread

    Does anyone on here play Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 3? If so, shoot me your battlenet name and lets do the damn thing!
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    Bill Nye Boh!

    Not even my final form
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    Bill Nye Boh!

    Yeah man, everytime is better than my last!
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    Who is using Octatrack or other Elektron products?

    Picked up an Octatrack a little over a month ago after researching it for months and damn am I in love. Its nice to get away from the PC every now and again and jam. Anyone on here using it to produce? If so, any solid resources, vids or articles you'd like to share?
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    Bill Nye Boh!

    Look, you guys can say what you want... Yeah she's not my favorite but I would give her the best 14 1/2 seconds of MY life!
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    Portland Folks

    So, moving to Portland in a little over a month. Anyone know what the scene is like?
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    classic stateside jungle tape rips (Danny The Wildchild, Phantom45, Snuggles, 3D)

    Does anyone have a rip of this? Links are old af
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    Best of the new jungle wave

    Parallel has some insane jungle tunes.
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    Bored at work

    I've browsed the end of the internet and am going thru waffle archives.... My life has fallen apart.
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    wow this place is great

    Dang! You gave up the shame addiction? How many days clean? Haha #fapstronaut