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    Somebody know some great production blogs?

    Yeah I did but the clips in it were fucking up my soundcloud profile so I deleted the whole thing. edit: I mean, it was taking up a big chunk of the time limit. Also the thing got like 3 hits last year so I thought fuck that :P
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    Somebody know some great production blogs? inspiration, insights, general banter, plugins, tehnique...
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    Christmas remixes/bootlegs?

    I guess this comes up a lot every holiday season, but the search came up with too many threads all the way from 2004 or something... Anyone got some cool free bootleg or remix of a classic x-mas song? I'm playing a set (only dnb dj there) next sat at a pre-christmas party so i thought I'd...
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    TFR Kotelnikov compressor

    Resound tweeted this yesterday. I'm yet to test it myself but he's a fucking pro so it should be awesome. If I understood correctly, the standard version is free and "Gentleman's edition" costs 40€.
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    Noise gates for Breaks

    I tend to use sampler/slicer ADSR for this particular thing
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    The Free mp3 Thread

    Old tune, today set as free download (or name your price, 0€$£ minimum) Backbone
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    Ben Kama - Backbone free download

    I've been cleaning up all my websites of old (shitty) tunes but this one deserves a place there still... It's years old but today I set it as a free download. BACKBONE
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    Need inspiration for a track

    No, not really cause my sample hd cracked up. I got backups but no money to buy a new one....
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    Need inspiration for a track

    It's got even a little more edge to the bass at some points :D went really overboard. Tune in your sig sounding manic menosance, I noticed I started grinding my teeth at the middle part
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    Need inspiration for a track

    Thanks for the replies! I got into it again with the string thing IV4 suggested! going on with the minor root chord and only changing for half a bar every 8 bars, super simple stuff but it really inspired me to go on even deeper with this one! THANKS - - - Updated - - - Nice one! never even...
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    Need inspiration for a track

    i'm pretty much stuck with this lush moody tune... I think it needs one more new element so I can extend the intro with that, and bring it in again in a kind of 'dubbier' part of the tune. Would be a simple thing to finish it, but I can't find the sound it needs. Help a brother out. Links to...
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    WHAT LABEL? Thread

    Doc Scott runs 31 Recordings and they do loads of experimental and minimal stuff.
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    For me it's always been just the "extra pair of ears" from someone who understands what club system aimed music entails. You become so "blind" to your own tunes that you might not hear the finer nuances in EQ. Other than limiting to maximise loudness, the engineer might work on the tonal...
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    Opinion on Triple Vision labels

    Yeah somewhere there i think. It was supposed to be march 10th but I think it got delayed by a couple of weeks or something.
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    Opinion on Triple Vision labels

    I got one remix out via Celsius, which is Fokuz' sister label. It's all good mostly. The id tags had some issues pre-release but that was corrected with apologies when I mentioned it. Mastering was good too, but promotion nearly nonexistent. I guess that's what you get with the weekly releases...