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  • DO You know a tune thatsgetting played loads of djs atm - Drum and bass awards 2011 (pretty much all djs- its the first tune that sly drops), Definition soundclash Logan aswell,...its got a sample at start that goes something like.." This guys real dough....Right i said come 'ere..right jicimo....right....your an invesment and its time to pay up"..Dum Duim Dum Dum DDD DUm Dum Dum DUm

    ha cheers m8 if u have any ideas?
    on the tracklisting for hype 2010 in the sun have u got any others to add? do u no what track five is where it goes " i love it" before drop then lik woob wob wooobbb so sik cheers mate
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