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    Heroin Town

    Whatever happened to a good old fashioned cock sucking, eh? Youth of today haven't got a clue, might get a cheeky .1 of shitty brick dust for a case of dog food, but little do they know its a potential .3 or .5 of nice fluffy china for a decent throatjob front 2 front paste in mouff. No...
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    Heroin Town

    Fuck off Dagz.
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    The mark of a true man is the amount of hard drugs he can fit into his rectal cavity without danger of tainting or damaging the packages & successfully transport them undetected across international borders. If you have never inserted more than 2 ounces of china white into your bottom & boarded...
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    Heron's Skankout Promo Mix

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    Can you get hold of any decent brick dust mate?

    Can you get hold of any decent brick dust mate?
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    Clauds Moms Got A Fanny like a ...

    Rusty Heroin Spoon
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    Terrorism Thread

    Crash lorries into as many honkeys as you like, nail bomb 'em, decapitate them in the street. I don't give a flying fuck, aslong as the price of chasing that beautiful dragon into the sunrise becomes cheaper as a result. PM me.
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    DNB is my therapy

    Guess what my therapy is? Hint: Its not fucking Tennis.
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    Dj in Scotland free parties and clubs

    Can you get hold of any decent bag mate?
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    We're alMost 1/2 through 2017

    Yeah Stef you filthy fucking gypsy, you left me & dave in afghanistan for DEAD. Now grits & phuture-t have had to take jobs in blue light to keep the russians off our backs. easternpromiseaudio will never be the same again. All thanks to you, you dirty arab bastard. Ps. If anybody can get...
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    Choosing the right gear

    Did somebody say gear? Safe John
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    Trainspotting 2 trailer

    YOU'RE a blatant nostalgia cash grab you fucking shitcunt. These are men of war. Men of valour. Beasts of courage.
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    Hello from London/Canterbury

    The pleasure is all mine sir! You're both a gentleman & a scholar, please keep me updated on your progress, as I'm clucking like a Hen on fucking heat over here... Safe, John
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    Hello from London/Canterbury

    Hi there Carrdinal, I'm John, I currently work as a sports commentator & professional Tennis Coach, but spend a lot of my time in & around Afghanistan & Karachi. I'm a big fan of the intravenous injection of hard drugs, especially Heroin. China White is probably my favourite strain, however...