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    banger from me...
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    DnB OLE DIRTY DREW-Exclusive Mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast-Episode 342

    nice, got this for in the car....cheers boss.
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    New mix with some new music i have been messing with recently, typical big room techno from start to finish, productions from across the board and myself....rowdy..enjoy Wehbba – Protocol (Drumcode) Modullar – Encrypt Green Velvet & Hyperloop – S-Sound (Drumcode) Secret Cinema & Egbert – I Can...
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    New roller form me...let me know what ya reckon!!!
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    u can have it bro...couple more tweeks and i will send it ya...sound.
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    A tune i made...massive build up...stinky break down...subby as ya like...
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    {TUNE} Let an MC know

    Ouft!!! boss that....
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    New track mock -up, curious how this sounds. Thanks for any comments.

    thats a good tune man, i would just check the colliding frequencies, this can be boxed off with a decent mix down though...good work mate...
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    NSFW What was the last film you watched?...NSFW

    1922 on netflix is decent...worth a look...
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    New dancefloor gear from me...
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    new stomper from me....
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    Soundcloud vs Mixcloud- Opinions?

    Soundcloud for ya tunes, mix cloud for your mixes, unfortunately when soundcloud binned off it "groups" which were the best thing about it, thats were they went wrong IMO. Demo drop is a good site to share ya music, its got good sharing options and a good set of heads on it.
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    New roller from me....not mastered yet, a bit massy but you get the jist!