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    This Japanese kid gunna be a rockstar

    Nah, no idea of that. They've revived my interest in metal though, currently going through early Carcass and Cathedral. The Forest of Equilibrium is awesome, cant believe Ive missed this my whole life
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    Take comfort that all this will end some day

    When will they build a tsunami big enough for us all
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    This Japanese kid gunna be a rockstar

    Hold on a minute, Kate's decided to give lead a go
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    GOP Rapists

    I tried to watch Oz once, got a few episodes in, but its so badly produced I couldnt continue. Didnt get to see one bumming either
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    GOP Rapists

    Claude allegedly rapetrained Catsels and Moskits, allegedly
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    Forthcoming Exit Releases

    Pretty funny none of those tunes hes been playing in his sets the past 1 - 2 years made the album, the spaced out electro-ey ones Like it though all the same
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    This Japanese kid gunna be a rockstar

    The bassist, already has all the rock god poses locked down. Older one aint bad on the guitar either
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    Footwork /Juke

    These one great
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    What the hell you doing in Finland?
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    Forthcoming Grid recordings

    Damn bro, your man just commited career suicide
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    Woman killed by pack of wiener dogs!

    Oklahoma got some news, having a big day