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    Im Back, And i have questions. Re: Pompey Dnb Scene

    Hi SDM you shecksy thing, did you ever do that Dubstep set at Breakneck? How did it go? Shit about NYE. to the boozer then. Breaknecks are looking good always liked Zinc, 1 of my top 3 Djs like hype and noisia to definatly gonna hit these. Shame that the scene is slowing a bit always...
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    tune ID.

    Hey Hey stolen from DOA but someone ID this choooooon from a high contrast set. A truly beautiful choon.
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    I'm in love with Clipz and TC

    Download and Jump are both tunes that if i hear them on a set on my PC i hate them and fast forward them or switch them off. However if im out i have it large to them both. Big Tunes. Cant explain why though? :-) The other one ive probably heard but cant remember how it sounds.
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    Im Back, And i have questions. Re: Pompey Dnb Scene

    Hey Dnbforum guys it jimmij back from the dead. Well just had a really shit year lots of family probs, splitting up with my girl after 7 years etc etc. The list goes on :( Anyway i havnt been to any Breaknecks this year NYE was the last. :angry: :angry: and i think ive been to about 3...
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    Your thoughts -> Brknk ft. VALVE / Pyro -> Photos

    Re: Breakneck ft. Valve Sound / Pyro Radio - 27/01/06 Im there oh yes. Dont mind paying the little bit extra the valves always GO OFF and you know that. Remember the last one when i see the legendary RJM & RINGLE and some of the old VURT crew in there and we turned the dancefloor into a...
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    Breakneck NEW YEARS EVE!!!11

    Truesay aint worth ruining NYE cos of some hired goon trying to act the big man is it. Just tossers like that get me really wound up, their supposed to make nights enjoyable for people by keeping the trouble down. And yet they just end up causing more trouble than anyone. 99% of bouncers...
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    Breakneck NEW YEARS EVE!!!11

    no dont think they are. But lets face it the bouncers down guildhall have a nasty habit of being complete arseholes anyway. The bouncer who to said to someone on here " fuck up my front room and i will come round and fuck yours up !! " I really would have laughed in his face give him my...
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    Breakneck NEW YEARS EVE!!!11

    Didnt have any problems myself search was a bit harsh but its gotta be done. When i left at about 3 tho the bouncers were argueing with the old bill outside, remember hearing one of the old bill saying to one of the bouncers " You aint got a right to do that mate " :hagglers: Dunno what that...
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    Breakneck NEW YEARS EVE!!!11

    Yes Yes im there gonna be a good one cant fookin wait BOH :who_wants
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    anyone Ripped the Goldie set radio 1 ?

    no problem man glad to help def a fookin wicked set though :evil:
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    anyone Ripped the Goldie set radio 1 ?

    took longer than i expected but here ya go wicked show
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    25/11/05 >> Breakneck(Adam F, MC Foxy)

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    anyone Ripped the Goldie set radio 1 ?

    Just uploading it will give a direct download in 15mins :cowbell:
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    SOLD OUT >> Pendulum - Brknk Halloween Boat Party, Portsmouth

    Bollix i aint got a ticket DOH DOH oh well gutted looks like it november then :beers:
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    DJ CRAZE V DJ MARKY radio 1 2hr smash-a-thon

    Nice One :miss_rep: :miss_rep: :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :pimp: :pimp: